Saturday, October 15, 2011


Before I begin, I would like to mark upon the fact that today marks the blog's completion of two years. I would like to thank everyone who's been instrumental in making me start, write and stick to the blog despite hitting lows every now and then. As said, it's the people and not the content that has made this page what it is.

I have been meeting new people. And have been losing as many. None stays forever. Something that you learn every time someone leaves yet it pains as much every single time. Probably more.

It's all a sugar coated lie. But something that we love to undergo. Something that we got used to.

New lessons have been learnt. To appreciate success. I am almost twenty and it saddens me that there are people who had accomplished ten times more than what I have when they were my age. There is one substitute for hard work, harder work.  Success doesn't seem to motivate people as they say in inspirational speeches. I learnt that one must be driven by failure and should fear failure.

In all the noise that's around us, we lose track of time that passes by silently. It's been two wonderful years. And hoping to continue this. Do keep visiting. Spread the word. Thank you.

So long :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

They took away our Jobs

The greatest superhero of our time did not wear a cape. Was not clad in a dark suit with a mask. He wasn't found riding on horses. He was one among us, yet distinct. He was walking alongside millions of us all the while being miles ahead. He was the essence of confidence. He was clad in a black turtleneck and a blue jean.

He is innovation. He is inspiration.  He is immortal. He is the Apple of our i.

RIP Steve.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's over.

It's over. Bye

He was staring at the screen. It took a whole of three minutes for it to sink in. He didn't know how to handle this. He thought he would try calling her. But it was late and he didn't want to land her into trouble. He stayed up for a long time, wondering where he went wrong. It was just another ordinary day made extra ordinary where the extra was because of her. He made her laugh. They exchanged 'I love you-s' and virtual hugs. Was it all a lie? What would have made her say that? He broke down. The clock struck 12.

He got a text from her which said,

'Damn you TRAI'