Saturday, March 26, 2011

The wizard of oz

Born as the eldest of the four children of Lorraine and Graeme on December 19 in Tasmania, Ricky Thomas Ponting made his debut as a number six against South Africa in the Quadrangular series that included India and New Zealand also. 

I probably have not been such a faithful fan of Punter to quote all this statistics and hence I had to quote my friends from Wikipedia. 

Australia won the world cup for the first time in the year 1987 and there was no turning back since then. They have been putting up a phenomenal performance every single time and from 1999 till last Thursday the Aussies were pwning the international arena.

Now, coming back to Ricky Ponting, he was part of the world cup team for the first time in 1996 and ended the tourney with a decent average of 32 odd runs. And then started his dream run. Ponting was always groomed to become the captain one day and he took the torch from the legendary Steve Waugh when Steve underperformed in 2002.

And there was no turning back from then. Ponting is easily one of the best players, perhaps, at times he was on top of everybody, even the over-hyped Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. I respect Sachin and all that, but he is over-hyped. Dot.

He is a captain whom I consider the best only next to Sourav Ganguly.
Again, I'm not good with stats and hence being the simple and silent fan I am, I restrict myself to telling everyone who reads this the reasons why whoever is bitching about Ponting shouldn't be bitching about him: 

~ First up, Ponting is one of the VERY BEST, agree or don't read further.

~ You hate Ponting because others do, ask yourself and you'll know you cried everytime he got out between 95-99.

~ You and I weren't around when Bradman played and cricket has changed in a million ways since then. Ponting is Australia's greatest for my generation. Of course excluding Glenn-God-Mcgrath and Shane Warne. 

~ The way he plays the lofted cover drive has given orgasms to many. You're kidding yourselves if you are even trying to disagree.

~ You have played cricket since you outgrew the length of a bat and still you'd love to play if you getting out goes unnoticed. Stop cribbing. 

~ The pressure of defending the world cup for the second consecutive time. IMAGINE how humongous it would be and yet he scored a brilliant century in the very same match where others failed. 

~ I haven't jumped or enjoyed my beer along with a million other Australians when Ricky scored a century every time but many a time I have been one of the very firsts to heave a sigh of relief once he crosses 99. To pull statistics he is just a few runs short of Sachin whose statistics stands the tallest. 

Respect him, cheer for him, put your hands together and let yours, yes you the silent fan who was ashamed to rejoice when the man scored, be one of the first drop of tears that fall when Ricky Thomas Ponting leaves the field for one last time.

All hail number 14!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When the dominoes started their fall..

Its sunday night. Some people are partying, some are cribbing about monday blues, some are preparing for math tests while in the eastern most part of our planet people are dying.I happened to read this post, The end of the world as I see it. Here I sit with a zillion questions about Nature and what a bitch it is proving itself to be.

I'm not blaming anyone in particular not that god person or whoever I must think to be responsible for. People are sympathising, praying and wishing nothing more should envisage Japan and its people while I sit here with a strange feeling which I guess is mostly guilt. Was discussing this with my friend, asking why should one country face repeated bashing while others are safe and sound cheering cricket. There might be kids and people of my age who are as entitled to life as much as I am but are crying out loud because they lost their mom,dad, siblings or a part of themselves. Is it fair? I asked this question so many times in the past two days that I lost count, "What kind of a design is this?"

My friend said there is no point in feeling guilty, mankind has been programmed to sympathise and do nothing but move on as there's nothing more one can do. Imagine this scenario, this might make you understand how I feel: The teacher is punishing that kid sitting in the first desk while you are in the last desk looking at him getting beaten with a cane all the while having the same unfinished homework in hand.

I do not wish to be Nostradamic and post my predictions as to how and when the world will end. In fact I don't believe in the 2012 crap myself. I can't help but think that there are people smiling and dancing while there are people drowning in misery. Its sad that I wait for Sachin to score a hundred while the Japanese are hiding their children from radiation. Imagine a kid born last week, which was the centre of attention and the reason for its family to smile, laughing and wetting the diapers knowing not that his mom and dad are crying all the while when they are trying not to wipe the smile away from his face. What if that's the last thing they ever see?  Why should this happen? If all the world has to end let it end in a whisper. Why to show off?

Just because you can, you shouldn't, bitch.

The world needs love, spread it. Spread it wherever, whenever and however you can. And that love shall give the finger to whomever responsible.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Unnamed Entity.

And god said let there be light

Ingredients like hair, skin, antidote for Pond's age miracle et all were used and man was created. In the beginning was this naked man, Adam, a single solemn entity who found solace in eating carrots like Bugs Bunny. There was his female counterpart and she is known by the name Eve(probably Stephanie Meyer was influential in coining the name) Their hobby was gardening and they covered every possible space available with trees of a million kinds which their successors would eventually cut down. And he ate the forbidden fruit, the apple. No, not the selfish fruit company that names all their products starting with i. Also that's the probable reason why we call the lump on men's throat as the Adam's apple. Very uncreative I say, it looks nothing like an apple. Coming back, he tasted the forbidden fruit and *bang* Adam and Eve got transformed into what men and women would behave a million years from then. Sadly they failed to read the terms and conditions and clicked on it just like everyone else. So Life, as we know it, started. They got naughty and gave birth to kids which cried all night long and did not allow them to sleep. They did not have diapers back then and so the Ayers rock and the Nile were probably the result of the kids' well, you-know-what.

Man got accustomed to living in this green planet which is basically 3/4th water and I have no idea which genius decided to call it green instead of blue. Man experienced happiness, sadness,agony, heartbreak and heart attack. So the world started behaving like how it would be a few million years later. Man started feeling all these multitude of emotions. He started thinking, wondering about himself,others and life in general. He was happy and wanted someone to share it with. He was sad and wanted some shoulder to cry upon. He fell in love and wanted someone to express it.  He made friends, adopted natural selection. Gave birth to kids and kids called him dad and his female counterpart as mom. He wanted to teach his kids a lesson. They had to learn. The kids were more intelligent than the parents themselves. And man found this phrase " I told you so." The kids started questioning. They asked him who told you so? Man did not have an answer.

Man was lost. He felt lonely. 
He wished for things and wanted someone to ask it to. He wanted to pray. He wanted a guide. He wanted a torch in darkness. He wanted someone to blame. He wanted an answer to all unanswered questions. He wanted a master. He wanted a superior. He wanted a secret. He wanted faith. He wanted to be blind. He wanted to be bound. He wanted to be controlled. He wanted a reason to love, to fight. He found a religion. He wanted isolation. He wanted bloodshed. He wanted hate. He wanted wrath. He wanted war.

And man said let there be god.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Immaculate Misconceptions

I've been asked the meaning of the blog's title many a time and I love explaining it every single time. Simply put it means Perfect Misunderstandings. Now the time has come for me to use the name of my blog as the tile of the post which i'm about to start rambling upon. People have had the weirdest ideas about me and now I feel this would help them to draw a better picture of me.

To begin with I'm not Chinese, Nepali or someone from the lost islands of Mongolia. I'm Indian. I look Indian. I don't even eat Chinese food. My family lineage remains Indian to the farthest ancestor I can trace back to.

I don't know Kung fu. I don't take secret Kungfu classes to passport-less Chinese kids in India.

I eat. Just like you, just like the next door guy, just like the Orca whale. I survive because I eat. Next time don't ask me "Vignesh, don't you eat at all?"

I'm not Robert Pattinson. I'm not a vampire. I don't bite random strangers. I have no clue why I look pale.

I sleep. Yes, believe me I do. I stay up when you sleep and sleep when you stay up.

I'm a vegetarian. I don't know why some people ask " How could you not eat chicken?" I don't ask them "How could you eat chicken?"

And I was told that egg is not vegetarian. The question that immediately follows "I'm a veggie" is "Do you eat eggs?".

I don't sit in the first desk. I text from class. I don't take notes.

I like speaking in thamizh and I love it when girls speak in thamizh. One does not forget English if you limit the usage. The Sundal paiyan or the guy who asks for change outside railway toilets may not be entirely happy if you start peter-vuttufying to him.

Thats all for now. There, I'm done with the post.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pay attention, its free!

Life, is a social experiment.

For plenty of people social networking is life, while in actuality life is a web of social networks. Its said that joy doubles and sorrow halves when shared. People have stopped realsing the value of that, thanks to the fast growing world where people can't even spend time to smile at the next guy. People today feel lonely in a crowd, lost amidst best of friends. Why? Lack of attention. It so happens that in a group of friends you might have favorites. As the group gets bigger the attention naturally gets divided and sadly people tend to forget one or two. Yes, in a group of best of friends. Being left out is not their choice or leaving out them is not their option. Yet it happens and there comes a divide between people which may rise due to inexplicable reasons. Isolation is something that no man has mastered to deal with. Life, both social and the social networking phase of it, is all about notifications. Learn to appreciate the existence of the fellow being. Pay attention, it costs you nothing :)

Life, is a social experiment.