Thursday, February 17, 2011

What to name it -2

It was a warm day and the happenings added more warmth to it. He had a wide grin, couldn't stop smiling. He came into the drawing room. You know people say that the smile of a baby cannot be compared with anything else? Well, it can be compared with that of a 70 year old's toothless grin. His friend was waiting for him. He started narrating the day's happenings and all through the narration he was beaming with happiness. The friend was listening intently and he wished he'd have such an experience soon. The old man finished his narration and soon a tinge of sadness filled his face. A sudden thought cast a dark shadow on his mind. It will be one more week, seven days before his son would visit him. Till then he'd spend the time listening to others in the old age home narrate their days with their children.


  1. a issue that every citizen has to look in to..

  2. The man in pic looks like the life-form of Mr. Carl Fredricksen.