Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not a love story

It was a killer smile. She looked at me after sipping from her cup of coffee and smiled with the milky mush. That was the moment for me. Who would expect to be swept off their feet by a girl's mustache? 

I had just broken up with a girl. She was caring, beautiful and smart. But something didn't work out. We had been going out for a couple of years. We thought we'd found each other. Soul mate and all that. We were planning to get married and then things went bad. I had to break it. And I did it, for the two of us. She was disappointed. Threw tantrums like a kid. Yes, a kid, that was what she was. But things moved on. I hadn't heard from her for a while then.

And there I was looking at the most beautiful pair of green eyes. I asked her if we could go out for a cup of coffee and realised the foolishness of the question only after she choked on her coffee, laughing. A few hours, days and weeks later, we were going out, officially. 

It was our first month anniversary and her birthday was a couple of days away. I thought I'd give her an early birthday surprise. I took her to my place. Made the best dinner arrangements I could and there we were in the garden, under the starlit sky having what was probably the best conversation in silence. I was falling more and more in love with her. I hoped she did too for I had neither her beautiful eyes nor the killer smile.

She reminded me of my ex in more than one way. She was everything that she wasn't and everything that she was. I felt this need to love her for I thought someone else would come and take my place. It was like a kid's love towards the mother. Holding the hands ever so tight when the kid sees other children more due to fear of losing her than the love towards.

We had finished eating. I stood up, took her hand and we had a walk around the garden. I wished time stood still. I wished the dawn never broke. I wished there wasn't a limit to love.

We kissed. Gently. It was a cold night and I felt like it was summer. She said my lips tasted funny. In a good way though. She loved to say my name. We kissed again. I could feel the blood flowing through my veins. I felt a warm, surging pain. I didn't realise it was indeed my blood. I found the knife on the dinner table missing, only to find it sticking out of me.

It took only a couple of minutes for the fog to clear. But then it was too late.  She was everything the other girl was. She was here to take my blood for I had taken the one's that she shared with. The dawn broke as I lay there still.

That was the last thing I saw. It was a killer smile.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First kiss

There are so many sweet incidents, memories and many random events which wouldn’t classify as anything meaningful to be shared. They made my world. Once in class seven, I was frantically walking around the class searching for something that I had lost. I didn’t notice that she was standing next to me. I was moving my hands all around the place and screaming at someone. She was apparently talking to someone nearby. My hands which were swinging in random directions made contact with her teeth. That was the closest any twelve year old would come to getting kissed. I remember laughing over this when I told her all about the incident a few years from then.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Doctor Doctor everywhere not a book to read

5th November  2011.

The honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, or TamizhNaad as it is soon going to be renamed to, has come up with quite a few revolutionary plans to get all the passed out MBBS students to get recruited.

One of the reporters who interviewed the honorable CM just after the election results recollects that, when asked how the CM has planned to make Tamizhnaad into a prosperous state, "Well of course, by building hospitals. Health is wealth. And all izz swell." quipped our particularly healthy CM. "Pun intended in block letters" added the reporter.

As said, our CM kept aside the problems like, inflation rising like a thirteen year old's dick, oil prices changing like British weather, educationalists taking the academics of the state to spin and a few million insignificant others just because they were unnecessary distractions while she was meticulously planning and practising her speeches to be delivered during the inaugural functions of the multi-specialty hospitals that are to be built. And I would remind you that these are being done to make TamizhNaad into a healthy state. 

When asked how she was going to manage the funding for these multi-specialty hospitals, she answered that the previous government had already blown enough money and has constructed buildings that were wrongly advertised as 'Madras's pride' which in her opinion are just fancy buildings that occupy space and are nearly useless. " Imagine the tourist population that TamizhNaad would attract if the Omandur estate and the Azhagappa Chettiyar grounds had remained as unmanned forest areas with all it's wilderness." She couldn't recollect why those places were useful but stressed that they should've been useful as our ancestors (by whom she means M.G. Ramachandran) could not have been wrong. 

Saying that, she said she would move all the books in the 'Anna centenary library' to the old secretariat  building as it was almost always empty as her cabinet ministers were alien to attending assembly sessions. She added that as the buildings were already in place she can concentrate on looting the money which she would allocate to the construction of the existing buildings. She beamed with pride after laying out her smart plans.

The following excerpt from the interview with her will make all others envy the state of TamizhNaad.

Reporter: "What would be your answer to the people who have been using the library regularly as it unarguably has been one of the best things that has happened to the city?"

TamizhNaad CM: "How can they be so silly? Doctors are educated people. They will have answers to everything that these people were searching in the books. If you refuse to believe me please listen to the group of doctors waiting outside my gate. They are chanting "Amma Vaazhga" which clearly is an example of a very profound interpretation of the first thirukkural."

We had to cut the interview short as the honorable CM of TamizhNaad was on her way to examine a few newly constructed buildings which will soon be turned into multi-specialty hospitals

Public reactions varied from a respectable "otha dei" to eye pleasing displays of burning effigies, which the CM of TamizhNaad dismissed as extended Diwali celebrations.

Engineering students who started their course during the DMK period have been left to wonder if their degrees would be converted into MBBS degrees.

Vijay TV is starting a new show where the participants predict the next location that will be turned into a multi-specialty hospital. The winner gets a brand new apartment at 'Temple Blue' Oragadam which will eventually be turned into a multi-specialty hospital.

PS: Please click the following link. Sign in and spend two minutes and fill the petition. This will help you save the Anna Centenary Library. It's free. Petition to save the Anna Centenary library