Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beat the heat..

Speaking about rain in my previous post I realised it was a really long summer this year and i'm sure next year it would be longer... All thanks to "GLOBAL WARMING"..this has been the easiest topic to come up with.. global warming being a global subject has been a HOT topic as it is said to heat up the atmosphere(couldn avoid the pun) ..People were so serious about global warming in the beginning and now they appear to be even more serious but the fact is.. they are not! people like us play practical jokes on global warming.. "Where's your homework?.. sorry sir,global warming burnt it!" It's been talked about as if it is something extra terrestrial..You care for your son why not care for his grandson? Plant more trees, save water,don waste electricity bla bla bla.. one speaks about all this and leaves his light switched on the whole day.."global warming is others' problem.. I'm safe today" this is what each and everyone of us think and will continue to think, no matter how many awareness programmess are conducted.. News channels debate about global warming everyday but Who cares.. even the newsreader doesn' as any good citizen would do I ask u to plant trees ,save water and do whatever u can to save earth.. because it's the only planet that has.......... chocolate

vignesh... :)
(I hope)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The first few drops of rain..

It was yet another dull , grey tuesday morning.. The day started as usual.. I packed my bag and off to college.. I had to drive through my usual route to the railway station.. Tuesdays have always been low-spirited (me yet to discover why).Within a few yards from home I sensed that it was going to be the first fine day after some four to five months of scorching heat.. My spirits started soaring high( despite the fact that I had EG classes that day, phew!) A few minutes of driving and yay! there came the first rain-drop splashing on my face.. the weather just couldn be perfect.. As usual Mother Nature proved the predictions of those weather-guys wrong and the monsoon had begun a day or two earlier.. hope the weather continues for sometime (and yep.. I keep my fingers crossed hoping for a holdiay or two) .. and I couldn restrict myself humming "Rain drops n dance.. strange kinda romance.."

vignesh.. :)
(I hope)

Friday, October 23, 2009

My best is yet to come..

I may fall..
I never will fail to rise up..
I may lose my way..
Yet I'll never stop walking..
You may criticise..
I may hear..
I'll never listen as I don care..
Mountains on the way..
Aeons to cross..
I'll never ask "Why me?"..
Will instead say "Try me"..
Everyday I pray..
Of course I trust in God..
Oh please don't move the mountain my lord..
Instead guide me around it..
Men may come men may go..
The best remain.. or they say so..
Dreams to fly..
Shoulders to cry..
Clueless ventures are even worth a try..
There's pain.. yet also perseverance..
There falls a tear..
Yet not an ounce of fear..
There are dark days..
And as always..
There's light at the end of each tunnel..
Life's a battle..
People win everyday..
I still can't judge thyself..
As I don't know myself..
Yet another determined soul..
Waiting for the perfect role..
Past has passed..
Future has never crossed..
There are men who try..
Winners they try to become..
As one of them I try..
And my best is yet to come..

vignesh.. :)
(I hope)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"MON"-soon :(

Well well.. the holidays are over and its monday again!! A weekend which i hoped would be filled with fun,frolic and fiesta turned out to be one that was taken over by integral,differential bla bla bla.. Exam season and i already am starting to feel sick :P.. whatsoever the exams are going to take place and positively I'll be writing them."Monday blues" as I call it, I feel rather low spirited once I get to realise that my weekend is over.I planned to make these 3 days as constructive as possible.. I planned, planned and planned and already it was sunday. Ultimate result: "வட போச்சே"
vignesh.. :)
(I hope)

Friday, October 16, 2009

A happy beginnin

The day started really well.. its one of my treasured friend's b'day.. Wished him a great year ahead and was chatting for a few mins.We had a few emotional exchanges.That was one of those sweet moments during which we feel how important a role friends play in our lives.Every single person feels that he's got the best set of friends.. it's great joy to hang out,play pranks and have fun but its just not over with all that.The only thing which I feel lucky about.I'm blessed with a great bunch of them(touchwood).. And as I talk about my friends I definitely have to tell about my school.To describe Prince matric Awesome is a lesser word.It was simply a fantastic place and it still continues to be. Whenever we guys meet up we start and end with conversations about school.All the fun we had, it's something that everyone of us would cherish.The best ever teachers under the best ever Principal , my school life couldn't get better :) Thinking about school starts with a smile and leaves me with tears everytime..These are the moments when I wish I could go back in time.. Friendship is one such relationship which stays strong, time immemorial.I cherish each and everyone of my friends and I hope we remain the same till forever dies.. :)

vicky.. :)
(I hope)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Post

Here begins my blogging experience.. The much awaited diwali holidays have begun and this happens to be my longest weekend in months( thanks to my hectic college schedule, exams,. bla bla).The day started ~~as each and everyone of my holidays would~~.. with me sending good mornin messages to everyone at 1.30 in the afternoon.. and as i was done with my daily routine i sat down thinking of innumerable ways to spend my precious weekend.I sat down with Dan Brown's latest piece in hand.Hours passed by and once again i resumed my thinking process.This time about THE best book one can ever lay eyes upon.For an author it could be his first work which he'd consider as his best work.But for people like me who's been gifted with no gift of writing what could be the best work that will fall prey to the eye?? Perhaps my own diary? Yea that'd be possible.But for the ones lazy enough to leave the pen untouched unless the situation demands, a blog would be a less tedious option. And so goes the story of how my blogging experience began... I hope this would make me revisit some of the episodes of my past.. laugh, cry, smile and relive the happy moments and correct my mistakes from the not-so-good moments of my past.And this piece which i'm forced to call and you are forced to read as "My first Post" was entirely the outcome of my inexplicable means to fill this page... I promise you that in my next post i'll meet you with some piece of info that's worth moving your eyes upon..

P.S: Thank you Srini for constantly reminding me to start publishing.. i hope you won regret it.. :D

vignesh.. :)