Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make a choice

The world around us is made up infinite space. With innumerable points scattered all around us. Yet each point has its own co-ordinate and is unique. Each point has a name, has a behaviour and is different from the others. That's how man is defined. Each of us (you, me and that fat stranger who takes the dog for a walk ) are different. If we draw a Venn diagram with all possible character traits as the universal set, almost everyone of us would have large sets of common traits. Yet we are different, some at the very basic level (like the ones with six fingers) and some at levels of immense complexity that one almost fails to spot the difference. It would be appropriate to recollect Pauli's exclusion principle here. It governs electrons and their behaviour governs us. Q.E.D.

Man stands alone. One might ask why. With the multitude of common factors between any two persons why does one have to stand alone?

Life, as we know it, is governed by decisions and when it comes to decisions it ultimately comes down to you. Sixth sense, rationalism, distinguishing good and bad, intelligence and many fancy names are given while people try to explain the most selfish act that man performs every minute. For example, take game shows where there's an option called 'Public opinion'. They give you the result of what a handful of men like you think and finally you are expected to make a choice from that. Its the average man's choice rather average of a group of men's choice. If you say this is trivial, consider demanding situations like undergoing a surgery. The doctor asks you to make a choice. It doesn't matter if you HAVE to say yes, you are still given a choice.
Was the creation of the Universe forced or by choice? You may never know. There could be a force governing the creation which in-turn is governed by another set of attributes. Probably there were a handful of men giving suggestions about which planet to choose and the guy in charge of creation chose Earth. May be he did not want to, may be it was like undergoing a surgery. You may never know.

When making choices comes freewill. Its like your shadow at noon. Its there but you can't see it. Its ultimately your wish and will to press the button with or without considering other factors. You might not want to handover your car keys and watch your girlfriend get shot. Or you can consider irrelevant factors like love, humanity and common sense and handover your car keys and still watch your girlfriend get shot.

You had a choice to whether read this load of nonsense or to close the window and watch Rebecca black on youtube. Yet I presume you chose to read this not because you were an insomniac and believed this would put you to sleep but you wanted to. To create the illusion of freewill here I let you to choose the title of this post. Call it whatever you feel like. Call it "Relativity disproved" or "Menu card of Saravana Bhavan". It ultimately comes down to you.

I'd love to quote Jigsaw here "Make a choice"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The hand that rocks the cradle

The baby was crying. It was not of hunger, something that says he's been disturbed, something of sleeplessness and she was trying to make the baby sleep. She started playing with him. Took him in her hands and started walking around the house. She wanted him to stop crying. 

She started telling him stories. 

"Let me tell you about daddy and me. You will listen to it and sleep like a good boy. Will you?

Here you see the balcony? Here's where we sat when Daddy brought me home for the first time. He made me tea. We had cookies, yes your favorite ones. Come we'll go to the other room. Here is where the bedroom was previously. See the cupboard there? Inside it was a card, a rose and a ring. Daddy asked me if i will marry him. Guess what I said? Of course you know what I said. I said I will. And then we got married. Come we'll go to your room. We shifted the bedroom here. This room had the window through which the moon is visible. Daddy's idea it was. And this is where you were born. And you slept "

She left him in his crib. She was watching him sleep. The calmness in his face made her glad.

"And you slept. Let me finish off the story. You were born and made us happy. Immensely happy. Everything was perfect until she came. Yes, that aunty who gifted you the train. I didn't like her even a bit. Right from the beginning. And whatever I feared happened. She stole Daddy from Mommy. You wouldn't like that would you? But she did. And Daddy moved in with her. Now you are all my possession. You are my only ray of hope. And know what Daddy did today? He came with some papers. He wanted me to sign them. Are you sleeping baby? Good good. And he wanted me to sign them. I said I wouldn't. You don't like the other room, no baby? Very good. Mommy will be back in a while"

She went to the other room and started digging Daddy's grave. With a satisfactory smile. Looking at the corpse that lay next to her. She was digging the grave, with the hand that rocks the cradle.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mummy, Manmohan and Manchester United

You might not understand the quote(?) that I have mentioned here. It has a very deep sense of philosophy, historical importance and is used as a reference to a club which is inevitable in the EPL. This reference is used by fans of the said club ONLY on the occurrence of events that change history once for all, like when one of them fans are able to poop successfully in the morning. They claim they don't refer to their club or chant the said quote when their club does not come in the picture. And that's why they scribble that all over facebook and twitter when Pompey beats Wigan or when Kate marries William. In short, Go Go MUFC is the "Who is John Galt?" of Manchester United.

It was election results yesterday. There were several significant changes made to the fate of the people of TN. From now on the tax payer's money will not benefit Mu.Ka and his family while it will be of great help to the people of 'Thamizh Naad' as the leader of the winning party says on tv. Nevertheless its been a remarkable victory and history has been rewritten and so the fans of the said club will as always grace us with the selective usage of Go Go MUFC.

Manmohan or Mum-Mohan as we know him better is neither happy or sad as Madamji hasn't yet advised him to respond to the election results of TN. He is unsure whether to rejoice or to plot the arrest of Kani and the King. Either way all he has to do is to sign a few papers and act important and remember to not to forget to keep quiet.

As the results have had an impact one might wonder how Manmohan is going to control the urge of using


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little bit of truth

This is not some lame attempt at sweeping  you off your feet. If I could've I would've.

Yes, you. I sincerely hope you are reading this. This is the first time I'm writing to you and I really wish this is the last time too. Yes, its been too much of a burden to carry and walk around. And it tires me. Its hard. You wouldn't know. Do you? Don't surprise me by saying yes. As I hear, you know what I think of you. Or as I would like to put it 'thought' of you. It was hard to type it in the past tense but what the hell? Am putting an end to it tonight. You grew in me like so badly. There have been several good memories which, you probably forgot or worst case you never knew they existed. Who would remember asking some ridiculous physics formula to some stranger? Well, I do. Ah, chuck it. People would probably go 'Awww sweet' but yeah, it doesn't matter. Not anymore to me, just like it never mattered to you. Its been a terrible 5 months and I must thank you for all the good memories. I'm sorry you might be the subject of a million stories I might write in the future, just like how you were a part of a few that I had already written. I made plans of asking you out and all that. Very funny when I come to think of it now. Very funny. Its like a very bad probability problem that remained unsolved. 1, .95 and it went on towards zero and just to give me a little ego boost I'll consider myself worthy of a 0.25 probability of being the one, alright? Just play along. Life works in strange ways, the six degrees of separation and all. So there's always a mighty chance of running into you at weddings or someplace else. I'd be skipping a beat even then just like how it happens(d) every time. Now listen, I'm all done. I wouldn't have written all this but this is what a sleep deprived exam facing 19 year old guy does at 3 am in the morning. So yeah, I'm over you. It took me 3 minutes to type the last sentence. But there, I did it. Listen, I'll never be able to ask you out even if I wanted to. You're a tinge way too awesome for me. So calm down. Don't freak out. I still kind of like you, savoring this for the bed time stories I might get to tell my kids. I want to end this, I can sense you're getting bored. So yeah, continue staying awesome. Go, be a good girl :)


Let go 

Again, This is not some lame attempt at sweeping  you off your feet. If I could've I would've.

Friday, May 6, 2011


There were smiles all around. Knee deep snow, yet people were out of their houses very early. Everyone was busy shopping. It was Christmas eve.

She was extra happy. She had a wide smile. As wide as a moon pie. She blushed at the very thought of it. He calls her that, yes, a moon pie. She walked through the crowded street hoping that none noticed her red cheeks and ears. She was so excited about this Christmas, it was their first Christmas together.

She put a lot of thought in buying a gift for him. She wanted to give him something that he'll always remember. Of course she knew he's going to remember whatever the gift might be, she wanted it to be something sweet. She peeped into every single shop she passed by. She had a few hours left till she began her surprise trip to his place.

Oh yes, you people are not familiar with these two, are you? So here it goes. They met roughly ten months back. He works in a firm about two hundred miles from where she stays. The charm of their love for each other kept the relationship going. It was time they realised they were made for each other.

Coming back, she was all burned out and tired of searching and hence she thought she'd take a break and get done with lunch. She was looking at her mobile and was lost in thoughts. She was done with her lunch and when she came out of the restaurant she knew what she was going to get him.

The sun had set and she set out on her journey. A long, tiresome drive. But what the hell, its him.

She finally reached. She had a wider smile. Only to be disappointed to see a post it stuck on his door. "Away for the weekend, Merry Christmas :) "

She never had a plan B. She wanted to surprise him and now it seemed life had played a cruel trick. She called him on his phone.

"Hey" she started.

"HEY" he was full of energy.

"Where the hell are you? I'm at your door and you are not here" she almost started crying.

"Oh now I know why your door is locked" said he.

Silence. And more silence. The gods were smiling and somewhere a guy and a girl exchanged I love yous.

The clock struck twelve. And they wished each other "Merry Christmas"

He sang for her, a song that he'd written for her.

"The grass are all wet, cold and full of dew,
All I wanted for Christmas was you"