Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black and white..

Thanks to chennai EB.. I came up with this during one of those never ending power cuts..

How good is good enough?
None seems to know.. they say everyone must try to attain perfection.. Deep inside we know there's nothing called perfection.. there's always an improvisation..

When does someone attain satisfaction?
Well,the answer is so obvious.. none attains satisfaction..

What is a good day without a bad day?

What is strength without pain?

What is brilliance without stupidity?

What is an answer without a question?

What am I without others?

Vignesh.. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A few things that don change with time..

Somethings remain the same.. No matter how many years pass by we still stick on to certain things like they are meant to be with us forever.. Like the zillion other people in the world there are certain things good and bad that just don change with time..

My habit of biting nails.. I would go for a rehab if there's
That love for window seat be it a train,bus or a car..
That love of being all alone in the house..
love for darkness..
love for books..
love for writing pages and pages not bothering even to read it again..
I always loved batting first..
Whenever I'm asked to call on a coin toss I always choose a tail.. I don think that'll change like forever..
I always loved slow songs and slow movies.. I
rarely liked romantic movies.. Kanda naal mudhal will remain as my favorite love story ever..
I've never asked for pocket money..
I've never regretted taking a long walk with my dad..
never regretted fighting with my sister..
Love for wallpapers..
Attachment towards my pathetic mobile phone..
Love for water..
I like night better than the day..
Whenever I go out with friends I've always been late :D I don think that'll change for a while..
My love for black color..
Love for group discussions..
Love for Channa samosa..
My dreams.. repetitive.. possible.. slowly turning into reality..
Pepsi and coke..
Cold coffee(a recent madness)
New notebooks..
I like pencils better than pens..
Love for science and maths..
Harry potter..
Love for the FOUR :)
Madness about the number 7..
Late nights..
Really late mornings..
Love for elevators..
Cosco ball cricket..
Wicket keeping..

The list goes on n on...
Indeed there are somethings time can't change..

Vignesh.. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My life sucks.. yep.. Whose doesn't.. :)
Life as such is not beautiful.. It can't be.. Its not meant to be.. But there a million beautiful things in life to distract us from the pain and the struggle.. I find myself complaining way too much about life.. Things which seem insignificant to others appear like the biggest problem ever to me.. Well, for one,its happening to me and yeah its supposed to look that way so that I can work on it.. But the thing is I complain and don seem to work on it.. The chirpy cheerful the guy with a smile on the face has been missing for a while now.. Thank god I realised before he got wiped away from the face of the earth.. The thing is there's nothing wrong in complaining to yourself.. We have the freedom to.. What can we do about the things that we have no power to change, adjust.. yes but with a few complaints.. What worries me is I've been worrying my friends with my problems.. Not really but I feel paranoid at times.. My god 've been sayin so many silly things to so many of them recently.. reflections of my poor run in life.. The wheel rotates,time heals everything.. All I need to do is give time,time.. When time gets itself busy in changing the lives of people, I decided to change myself.. People find us amusing only when we lend a shoulder to their sadness and sorrow and not dump them with your own problems.. For instance, When a good friend of mine comes to me n says "Dude I got fired :( " and for which I must be supportive and wipe his tears.. Instead if i say " Man you're lucky.. You just got fired Atleast your math ma'am did not send you out" My good friend will turn to be my Ex-good friend.. Everyone's got problems.. Mine's no way bigger than any of those.. So I must stop complaining and I just wish i could Shut up when circumstances demand.. So 'm telling myself "STFU"

Vignesh.. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

17 again..

Hottest summer ever, semester exams, IPL,World cup,.. hot and happening events all over.. but time keeps flying and one fine morning I turned 18 :) Its weird though,to say I'm 18.. 17 was a lot cooler :D Last year was fun.. THE FIVE started b'day bashes on my b'day ;) so I'm leading with two to one :D Entering college with fear of losing your good ones old ones.. We proved ourselves wrong and now we're in touch as good as ever :) One year has taught me a lot.. Though not much of `how to be` it has taught me much of `how not to be`.. 'm glad I learn from my life.. This year I've been cursing myself much.. to the extent that kids on the road started pointing me and `Ahh here comes sick fella :P` Now that I've been branded(lol) I wish I'd be less sicker this year ;) Being older being more responsible :D so they say but who cares.. being older means 'm allowed to have more fun.. and hoping for a lot of fun this year though I wish I could say 'm 17 again.. Thanks to all my friends who wished me a good year.. This year I promise myself more smiles,more fun,more friends and finally.... more hope :)

Vignesh.. :)