Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy birthday!!

The day passed before I could realise.Its been a year since Immaculate Misconceptions™ ;) was born.Initially it was I,Me,Myself  and I somehow came to a conclusion(no vasthu, trust me) that a name change would spice things up. Now here I stand 365 days,52 weeks later as a 65 post old blog :) I have visited this page almost everyday.This is where I realised I could write. This brought me comments from quality readers.I made new friends and most of all I hope this blog did and continues to please my best of friends. Writing posts and reading them once they are published,its second to nothing.I find no words to thank Guru and Srini who were instrumental and who made me start writing.They made me discover myself.I would never have put pen on paper and have started writing and this provided me a easy-lazy way to unleash the best I could.

Pramodh, Ragul, Sai, Noorul, Sanjana, Harini, Swathi, Christabel, Aparna, Prasad, Keerthi, Venky and ofcourse Guru and Srini who have constantly endured the pains of reading through the posts and commenting aptly really stand matchless and inevitable to the writer in me.I made two very good friends Keerthi and Venkat.You people truly have added a whole different flavor to my life.Comments from anonymous readers are an added pleasure.Someone from a faraway place taking time off their life to read a post,this simply is the most wonderful part of blogging.I got excellent comments and got to visit some brilliant posts.Ambarish,someone who found this page when he was blog hopping has been giving constructive comments and I'm glad that a few posts pleased him.Hoping I'd meet you someday.
These people and many more continue to make an impact and inspire me to make many more posts.Blog-a-ton brought the fiction writer out.I consider Goodbye as my best post and it sure will remain my best work ever.Hoping to put in more posts and importantly quality posts this year. All that'll make me write more are your comments and suggestions.Keep visiting and reading.If you don't like a post tell me,if you do tell others.Bring more readers I promise I'll bring you more posts ;). Eternally grateful to you people.

Vignesh  :)


  1. That flavour strongly smells and tastes like vada pav no? :D

    May Immaculate Misconceptions have many more birthdays and you put more ice in many more birthday posts such as this :D

    P.S: Penathalgal best post. period.

  2. Sure with constant support from periyavaal like you will continue writing :)

    PS: Likes your PS more than the comment ;)

  3. periyavaal it seems. In what way? You my annan. Plus apparently my blog was started on May 2oth. :P
    I demand an explanation!

  4. The quality of the posts and the knowledge possessed matters :) That makes you an elite member of periyavaal list :)
    PS:Micham chat la ;)
    PPS:facebook mattum than spam spot :D

  5. First of all happy berde!
    and secondly wherever you find place you both will start chatting mokka mokka eh?:P
    PS: don search for the "LIKE"button!

  6. My favorite post is "What not to do as an engineer" And Machi you would do yourself a lot of good if you decreased philosophy quotient a bit.

  7. As i always say, "your awesome"! i say the same! Am blessed to get a mention in ur posta! :)

  8. Pramodh, Srini nanri :)
    Venky,sure i am trying.
    Noorul,Happy birthdayy!!!

  9. Happy birthday... dear blog :P
    btw vicky where s the treat :)
    touched that you included my name... thanks :)

  10. Thank you.. will have the treat once the gift is ready ;)

  11. Happy birthday!!Do keep writing..
    Nice that you mentioned me....
    My blog-\

  12. Happy birthday!! :)
    Keep writin :) :) keep me busy ;)

  13. Thanks so much Ambarish I would not be doing good if I hadn't mentioned you :)readers are all who make me want to write :)
    Hrini,Thank you.I'm trying :)