Monday, September 13, 2010

Jaane tu ya Jaane na..

I'm sorry :( I really wanted to wish you at twelve.I should've slept around eleven thirty I guess,was awake till then.. i really wanted to wish you both.Woke up at two,shouted like anything at mom for not waking me up by twelve.Started crying badly.. Called you several times :( She picked but i guess you slept.. feeling so bad..Sorry da.. I did not forget n all.. :(
Loveee you..

He was smiling.A single tear left his eye.Took his mobile to text her.
"Was reading your letter. :) :) :) "

Immediate reply
"Which one? "

"The one you wrote after having forgotten my b'day :D"

"Ohhhh! That one :(. You forgot mine the same year!! :@"

I have always wanted to write about you.Still,I couldn't keep my promise of writing a testimonial on orkut :D My orkut days are over so now here comes something for you.

It was 11th June 2007 when you came to your new school.Somehow I manage to remember the date,so that whenever I tell that to you I get an " Awww, how sweet ;) " 

So I don't really remember how we became friends bla bla bla.. but then we were Solid.Intricate bond of friendship that takes years to form.Glad that we became friends.And even more glad that we continue to remain so.

So many fights,silly and meaningless ones.That particular fight which you claim as the worst in our History :P. Loved each and every moment spent in your company.Those days where we used to speak on phone almost everyday. And not receiving a phone call meant you were angry on me or worst case everyone at home were angry on you :D

Days when we do nothing but cry on phone.Hell,I brokedown easily when you did horrible stuff,like speaking to another guy for example.Even today I have a problem with that but its the other way round.Today I make YOU cry muhahahaha :D

And those million chocolates we shared!! Wrappers that i cared to save ;) Those small letters you wrote with pencils,pens and most of all cute smileys [ :) ;) :( :'( ]

And my first b'day gift :) I owe you one :P I stopped celebrating birthdays since I started spelling birthday correctly :D And i got gifts from you after a long long time :)

I bet you'll read this say "Ok,But did not like much =/ " 
Still I can't find someplace else to post things like this :D

Long since i wrote anything and this is the first time i write about you :)


"Jaaanne tuuu yaaa Jaaaaane naa..
Maaanee tuuu yaaa maaane naaaaaa " :) :) :) :)

Loads of love.. :)


  1. That was a very sweet post, man. Loved it. I too have a friend like that. I could relate to this easily.
    And that pic is so lovely! Is that you in the pic? Just curious.

  2. tears :( hve got oly one thing to say..none can be lyk yu n me!!! Really mean t!! Frnz til grave! love ya! Don yu dare to even talk to dose females again!! lol!! the villis lined up :D and ya

    jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaneeeeeeeeeeee tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ya jaaaaaaaaaaaaneeeeeeeeeeeeee na!

  3. Sanjuu :) :)
    Karthik,No thats definitely not me :D and yeah this is such a beautiful thing having a friend like this :) glad that you enjoyed it :)

  4. dei i opened this post, out of coincidence i was playing "kabhie Kabhie Aditi"

  5. Sweet coincidence :) Loveeeeee the movie like anything :)

  6. really touch wood....Hope your friendship stays for ever...
    @Sanjana: Lucky yu to have a friend like Vignesh...

  7. awesome one... sanju ur lucky... guys always have difficulty pouring what they feel... But u r good :)

  8. cheers to ur friendship dude !!

  9. I too had a friend like this... this post made me all nostalgic! :') great work, Vignesh!