Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hard to believe.. harder to oppose..

/*Excerpts from the bottom of my heart.. Inspirations are all around you.. you just need to get into your senses*/

~~Those who tried and were not successful failed.. those who never tried again failed miserably..

~~Whenever you are in the verge of giving up something tell yourself "One more time.."

~~Sometimes there'll be none around you but it just have to be you to tap your shoulders all by yourself..

~~Whenever you cry for something cry as loud as you can but once you finish promise yourself that you'll never cry again for the same reason..

~~Remember, never try to impersonate someone.. you're best at being you and none can play your role well..

~~Tears are so precious don spend it when you're sad..

~~Whenever you're let down by people whom you love just belive that at that moment that's the only thing which makes them smile..

~~Fight hard for your views, fight harder if you know you are right..

~~Whenever someone says something is impossible say to yourself "Unless I try!"..

~~Whenever you procrastinate something, someone somewhere is working hard on the same thing..

~~Never get satisfied with success..

~~Whenever you work on something work like you've never been successful..

~~There's no problem without a solution if you feel there's none then you've never looked up for the solution..

~~God always answers your questions, feel happy when its a Yes but always be ready for a No..

~~Always compromise with others,never compromise with yourself..

~~There's God like there's air.. trust or die..

~~Enjoy every small thing for you'll look back and realise that they were the big ones..

~~Never hold on to the past,there's a reason it doesn't come back..

~~Never say sorry for being yourself,it's like apologising for being real..

~~Trust in reality,not all your dreams come true..

~~Be practical,life's not always beautiful and fair..

~~Everyone can't be the leader,learn to follow..

~~You have your own role to play,keep waiting may be tomorrow's the day..

~~Do not pity the dead,pity the living,more those who live without love..

~~Happiness is everywhere,one must learn to light the matchstick..

~~Ask you'll be given.. keep asking and you'll never be forgiven..

~~Be honest, atleast to yourself..

~~Never regret being born,you'll regret more when you die..

~~Life's all about falling down,living's about getting back up..

~~The beginnings are always scary, the ends are usually sad,but it's everything in between that makes it all worth living..

Vignesh.. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bournvita.. nano tubes and vettaikaran ;)

The title says as much.. It was the day of my Engineering chemistry paper( CY9111 for those who are geeky enough.. ha..) and as usual I was as clueless as ever so as to what horror would appear in front of me disguising itself as a question paper.. With great experience in story writing(courtesy my previous exam Physics.. sorry PH9111..) I set out for the adventure ahead.. Here I am recounting the day..

Bournvita: 6.30-8.00

This phase of the day which I call bournvita ,just because I love it or I have a cup of it every morning as I'm told that I'd faint half way thru my day or both,(yep! I hear you sayin "Bazinga, I don care!") mainly because am lazy to think of a better name..duh.. now this is bout the time I spent at home before I started to coll.. After spending yet another nearly sleepless night I woke up at 6.30 hmm 6.45 hmm no somewhere in between..And I brushed(yawn).. had my bournvita(yawn) and thought of revising somethin (yawn) and thought the better of it and packed my bag and started to college.. yawn......

Nano-tubes: 8.00-12.30

I boarded my train( after standing in a looooong queue to get my ticket.. forgetful enough to forget to renew my season ticket! screw me!) and took the usual journey staring at a rainbow of equally sleepy commuters(hey fellas!) and no gals in the train too! and the slow steady journey took me to my college .. and tada! everyone was with books n notebooks revising for the exam( Only if i'd known what to,I'd've done the same) and there came this exam nano tubes bla bla.. quantum wells.. lol .. for which i made up funny answers.. well full of energy 's called quantum well.. ( If you can't convince them,confuse them).. and then half asleep and half relieved I submitted my paper and got out of the hall and there came this shock " Macha kelambu padathuku polam.. vettaikaran release aiduchu :D"

Vettaikaran: 2.30-5.30

Gosh there was this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge cut out "sayin Dr.Vijay.. rofl" and a small crowd too.. i was made to wait as there were ambulances clearing patients lol.. got the tickets went in.. crazy vijay fans shouting at the top of their voice.. and then the movie started.. 3 hrs .. movie was close to ok.. the heroine(taller than the hero! ha) 'll get a 10.5/10 :D and I returned home with a mild headache.." vettai aaramichiruchu doi"

P.S: Now I wind up as my headache worsened and I have to sleep soon cos I have my technical english morro.. sorry HS9111 .. ;)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Y batch diaries..

Long time .. this has been a extra ordinary beginning to my college life.. God i wish i could say this! Semester exams.. Question papers.. I swear I never imagined these things would be nightmarish! And in the midst of my exams i'm here filling up the void in my page.. Yeah! Why? Probably because this is the only place where I can find something to write about.. Words flow down my fingers( :D) but once I see my question paper it's like seeing a Micro-biology paper after having prepared for french.. There are a few greater things to worry about..

Come January my 2nd semester would begin and sadly first semester had passed by in a flash.. Y batch will be no more.. :'( .. I'll miss those chemistry classes where the only interesting thing we did was to play hangman other than mocking the teacher(none other than our very own RC)..Those EG classes where only the teacher knew what he was talking bout {Yippe!! NO EG from sem 2.. only if i manage to clear ;) } and The one n only VCS (FOC) and last but not the least.. Paul raj (Ejjomple.. rofl).. Things are moving on.. expecting a really spectacular summer gearing up for mitafest.. College life has come far close to what I can call Rockin :) ..

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well.. this post is entirely the result of me running out of topics to post about.. duh.. sounds silly doesn't it.. I wondered what the opinion about my posts were.. I keep on writing bout a rainbow of topics and now am here at a dead end having ran out of topics which were not so boring( well.. in a way less boring than the least boring.. ) .. get me some feedback.. suggest what all i can write about.. plus and minus on my posts.. as karthik suggested i'll try to avoid cursing life lol.. give me some constructive comments rather than end up laughing at this post too.. :D

Waiting with a smile.. :)

Vignesh.. :)

As Silly.. as it can get

A walk through the woods..
The world is all mine..
Smelling the flowers..
And holding the rain..

The dew on the petals..
Hanging till the end..
Reminds me that..
This is not the end..

The sunshine through the trees..
The gentle golden breeze..
The happy chirping birds..
The hungry grazing herds..

I forget all my troubles..
Like yet another water bubble..

Jus a few words that rhymed with each other.. :)

Vignesh.. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Give me some sunshine..

Fantastic song.. one that I seem to hum so frequently..


Saari umar hum

Mar mar ke jee liye

Ek pal to ab humein jeene do

Jeene do

Saari umar hum

Mar mar ke jee liye

Ek pal to ab humein jeene do

Jeene do

Saari umar hum

Mar mar ke jee liye

Ek pal to ab humein jeene do

Jeene do

Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….

Give me some sunshine

Give me some rain

Give me another chance

I wanna grow up once again

Give me some sunshine

Give me some rain

Give me another chance

I wanna grow up once again

Kandhon ko kitabon

Ke bojh ne jhukaya

Rishvat dena to khud

Papa ne sikhaya

99% marks laaoge to ghadi, varna chhadi

Likh likh kar pada hatheli par

Alpha, beta, gamma ka chaala

Concentrated H2SO4 ne poora

Poora bachpan jalaa daala

Bachpan to gaya

Jawani bhi gayi

Ek pal to ab humein

Jeene do jeene do

Bachpan to gaya

Jawani bhi gayi

Ek pal to ab humein

Jeene do jeene do

Saari umar hum

Mar mar ke jee liye

Ek pal to ab humein jeene do

Jeene do

Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….

Give me some sunshine

Give me some rain

Give me another chance

I wanna grow up once again

Give me some sunshine

Give me some rain

Give me another chance

I wanna grow up once again

Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….

Na na na….Na na na….Na na na….Na na nana na….

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"NEW"-ton's laws..

~~ Gravity is all nonsense,basically earth sucks..

~~ Everyone gets what they want but only after they wish that they're better off without them..

~~ Trust in God,there are a few questions google can't answer yet..

~~ Believe in destiny,we are destined to do so..

~~ Never think twice before whatever you do,whatever we do we'll definitely end up regretting it

~~ Don tell others about your problems 70% don care and the rest are glad..

~~ Don worry about hairfall,all men end up bald one day..

~~ Always keep old photographs safe,they're the only ones in which you can find yourself truly smiling..

~~ None dies a virgin Earth fucks everyone..

~~ Breathe in a lot of oxygen,we'd need oxygen cylinders soon in the future..

~~ Drink as much water as possible,days are not far when you'll have to pay for each drop..

~~ Don regret shedding tears for yourself,none else will do it for you..

~~There's no shortcut for success,even if there's one its for the successful people..

~~ Only thing common to all the human beings is 24 hrs of the day..

~~ Beautiful Girls needn't work hard,there's already someone who's working hard for her..

~~ If you fail in love don be stupid enough to say that your heart's broken,you wouldn be alive to say so..

~~ If I'd learnt from my mistakes I'd be a genius by now,I never did and so I'm not..

~~ Work and never expect it to blow up,it hurts to know the future after all..

~~ Never ever say that life sucks,everyone knows it already..

~~ Don ever tell others that you were stupid enough to do something,people are already proclaiming so..

~~ Never believe in luck,especially when you are lucky..

~~ Go to bed with a dream and wake up with a purpose..

~~ Never look back,never give up..

~~ People die every night,you'll probably wake up tomorrow,but today is all you have..

~~ You're what you are,even if none approves of it..

~~ Jealousy is a disease,vaccinate yourself; let others suffer..

~~ To be old and wise,you have to be young and stupid..

~~ When everything's coming your way,you are definitely in the wrong lane..

~~ Everything happens for a reason,if you feel something doesn't fall under this category read the first part of this sentence..

~~ And finally.. never tell everything you know..

Vignesh.. :)

Cheers .. another stumble.. :P

Here comes the internals..
Yo-ho yo-ho..
With problems in Integrals..
Yo-ho yo-ho..

Should I laugh at myself or my professor.. This week filled with internal exams proved to be one that was more fun than the week that had culturals.

This is what happened during each n every exam..

8.25 am:

Enter the exam hall..

8.30 am:

Find a seat next to one of the elite members of the gang..

8.35 am:

Receive the question paper with an ounce of confidence..

8.40 am:

Trying to figure out and make sure that this question paper is meant only for me..

8.45 am:

Uncontrollable laughter( Its mainly cos of the paper or the invigilator or the gal who forcibly tried to look if "Pond's Dreamflower talc" could overdo God's creation)

8.50 am:

laughter continues..

8.55 am:

I realise that I have a question paper at hand and atleast have to pretend like I'm writing an exam( Come on What am I supposed to write.. )

9.00 am:

I look at my friend..the look that speaks so much .. most importantly "Intha paper um pocha!"

9.05 am:

Trying to count the very few for whom the question paper really made some sense(Me Yet to figure out how)

9.10 am:

Deciding on the design for underlining my name and roll no.

9.15 am:

Finally deciding or rather realising that the design is not going to fetch any marks ( A pat on the back.. Wow)

9.20 am:

The mind's eye opens up and creativity flows..

9.25 am:

Thinking of the best possible ways to fold my paper into two..

9.27 am:

Deciding that my paper looks best unfolded..

9.28 am:

A look around the classroom and a smirk at those people who attempt to solve the mysteries hidden in the question paper(mostly unsuccessful)..

9.29 am:

Scribbling the last few ounces of creativity amidst the shout of the prof to hand over my paper..

9.30 am:

Handing over the paper with a scorn and complaining that the paper was lengthy and I was not given enough time..

9.31 am:

Meeting the guys from the other classes and gathering their experience..

This is how we write internals.. BINDAAAS..