Sunday, July 25, 2010

'Major' change...

Guess who turned 18 this summer? Yeah,its me.Well,the day before my birthday I was supposed to be a kid,cut out from the adult world and overnight I got qualified to do and decide things of my own. Crazy!
There was this so called "transformation" from minor to MAJOR and I find it funny,why?

"Kaalangarthalaye aaramchitiya? Andha computera konjam off pannitu enaku help panna kudatha?"

(Started it early in the morning as usual? Why can't you turn off that computer and help me out for a change?)

This is Ma..

"Kaila mobile,munnadi monitor,kaadhula sevuttu machine,romba busya irukka polarke?"

(mobile in hand,monitor in front and hearing aid in ears(That's what he likes to call my headphones),you seem to be too busy)

This is dad..

"Kannadi munnadi nikkama konjam nagarriya? Satta podrathukellam kannadi venuma? Enaku special class ku time aachu,na thala varin varen,vandiya eduthu vei"

(Will you move away form the mirror? Why do you need to look into it even while wearing your shirt? I'm running late for my special class.Go get the vehicle ready,I'll join you after combing my hair)

This is Sis..

None of these have changed overnight.Heard the same when I was seventeen.I still continue to hear the same.And I don think this will change like,forever.

I'm supposed to have undergone the transformation.Upon which I now have the right to decide the fate of my country.A week back if there were elections I would not even be allowed near the perimeter of the voting booth,now I have "Adult suffrage"(To all the folks who have their 'Political view' column in Facebook as 'Not Interested',Adult suffrage is the fundamental Right to Vote,believe me its not what you thought).I have long since been attracted to the new voting option,the Right to reject(My friends and myself find it amusing that you can reject representatives :P).

A few days back the situation was that if I get caught by the traffic police, I have to pay hundreds,now I proudly hold my license(though it wouldn't refrain me from paying him,it might help in cutting down the amount)

Dark shapes still scare me,no wonder.
I still love to watch cartoons.
Harry potter will remain my favorite book ever.

I don't really find any 'Major' change in me..

P.S: If I were in school now they still would not allow me to sign my report card,would they?


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Sunday, July 18, 2010

When the glass is half full..

We always wish for a six when we have the die in our hands...For generations we have been taught to wish for more. Sadly we were not taught when to stop. This resulted in a society where greed has become a prestige.Results of hardwork were increased possessions.The words passion and interest meant nothing to the so called modern society.We concentrate so much on the problems that we face, which draws down the curtains over the good things that constitute our lives.Having endured 18 years of a crappy life, there are a few lessons I learnt which made changes, good and bad to my life.I used to curse people who asked me look upon the brighter side.It is possible but not for every single thing. There are certain things that cannot be compromised or given up for anything in return.But we have to learn to compromise for things that fall out of this category.This was hard in the beginning,but gradually things started to make sense.Giving up certain things were hard.The attitude mattered.Inspirations mattered.People who inspired me and keep inspiring form a part of my life.That makes the inspirations stronger.Like I said we always expect the highest returns in whatever we do.Sai made me come out of it.I'm happy and proud that he continues to inspire me. The four of us share a bond beyond repair.We inspire each other,the three of them inspire me heavily.There are so many people who have made me look at my life differently. Mathi says " today's the beginning of the rest of your life" How true? This reminds me of the title of Kumar's speech in class 12 "Its your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude". There is no better fodder to the mind than hope and faith.Hope and faith need hope and faith on themselves. Believe in ourselves,as simple as that.Optimism is one character everyone must possess.After all life became better when i realized that the GLASS IS HALF FULL..

PS: If you're reading this on facebook, you can see that I have tagged people who inspire me heavily.. there are people who I barely communicate with.. but there's this inexplainable aura that makes me be inspired..

PPS: There's something about the title I love so much.If you happen to comment,comment on the title too :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The one

Its been 229 days.. anyone who had known her would never dare to forget her.. I was her favorite.. makes me feel even worse when I think of her.. we shared a bond that only a very few happened to share.. I had all rights on her.. a rare privilege in the family.. I could speak or do anything around her.. I was showered love and care of the highest degree.. She faced a lot of difficulties in the last few years,but she never once failed to enquire about me.. Study well was all she advised me.. I kept my promises.. Could not realize much when I was younger.. but the last few years, her happiness was all I wished for.. She was everything to me, to us.. Her son, that's how she calls me.. that's who she believed I was, and I was more than happy to acknowledge that.. tears stop me.. its been 229 days and I miss you more than I have missed all these days.. the count will be on the rise.. I will continue to miss you.. You were more than what everyone thought you were to me.. I believe you are still around me.. You were more than a granny, a mother in fact as good as mine.. one relationship that none can replace.. You will always be remembered like you remembered me every single time you saw a kid pass by the window.. I have never told this to you, never got a chance, never mouthed that i love you, but what we shared expressed anything but more than purest love.. I wish you were with me.. to bless me before every exam like you did till twelfth grade, to play with me while everyone refused,to compel me to have one more serving of food how much ever was served, to do and say things that none ever did or said to me.. I wish i get you back.. I miss you.