Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long day..

I'm exhausted.. well totally .. this is supposed to be a sunday and still it was the busiest day of the week.. I had my lab.. worst of all the things that happened today!! Stupid most experiment..
Manged to get the output.. Went to coll at eleven.. Was made to wait till one.. Was sitting all alone . with none around me within a radius of 50 metres.. (Thanks to my friends!!) And then there was this stupid lab.. Canteen closed.. No water,nothing to have a bite.. ****ing hot weather.. Sunday.. Trains crowded like hell.. Lesser frequency.. Tired tired tired..

I wish I could be a computer which can refresh with a single click.. Wish I were a camel.. Wish i were anything but me.. And once again.. I'm exhausted..



  1. As someone who has gone thru 4 years of lab sessions, only one remark: "WHAT! YOU GOT OUTPUT?"