Saturday, April 16, 2011

One short

'Sachin's on 99 international centuries' 

This news has been on air for a while now. The whole world of cricket fans come to the edge of the seat whenever he comes to bat and hopes beyond all doubts that he'll score it in that particular match.

Well, I, though am one of them million( read gazillion) fans of SRT who are waiting for the 100th 100, recently a certain other 100th something has grabbed my attention. Yes, this page has grown in size, boredom and levels of facepalmness and would soon be playing host to my 100th post. As I have been posting in milestone posts about what the milestone is and there by losing the opportunity to give the readers something worthwhile to go through, here we go.

What started as a fancy just because everyone had a blog has now become an obsession, a prized treasure. I have been speaking stuff like how awesome a career in writing would treat oneself. That joy when someone likes the link when I post in on facebook, its priceless. 
Twitter made a revolution to my blog. Brought in readers only because the twitter celebrities retweeted the link. The number of page views never fail to make me smile.

After all these changes, improvements in my view, there are still a few things that remain unchanged:

- Few people without whom the blog would not be what it is today. You, the one reading it, you know its you.

- Me wanting to write a post. Though I knew I'll come up with something as lousy as this I didn't stop myself from writing.

- My hundredth post has already been drafted in my mind. Yes, one of those rare occasions where I plan and write stuff.

- This point has been added just to keep the game going.

So see you all on the other side of the century. And yes, just like you are hoping for Sachin to score his 100th 100, do hope for more posts to come :) A big thank you to everyone who has landed on this page. You guys are awesome.


  1. congratulations...
    and forever ill b one among a million people to comment..
    this is going 2 go a long way dude...
    i dunno.. y i feel so nostalgic :'(

  2. :) :) :)... nothing else would express how i feel. i am gonna stop before i add more smileys! :)

  3. congrats dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!