Monday, January 11, 2010

From differential equation to a difficult situation..

It started off to be a good day.. after a very happy weekend .. the sun came up rising my spirits and there I was in the train that takes me to my college... Classes started .. I'd completed my math assign to my surprise.. ;) and my favorite class of this sem(math.. :D) went really well.. and there came devices.. boo hoo..and after a boring two hour lecture on bla bla bla that we already studied in class twelve, again came my fav sub .. but this time she made me sleep.. (how motherly.. ;) ) and huh the much awaited luch break arrived.. after getting a taste of the delicacies available at the MIT canteen.. lol.. the aftrenoon session was a totally brain numbing Unix class! Its so so so dumb that if einstein attends one such session he'l start writing E equals MC rectangle thereafter.. ( sorry sense of humour has suffered a steep fall after 4 hours of  Unix :( ) and finally as it happnes everyday..the classes ended.. I came out of the lab with a relief  only to find that my vehicle's key was missing! Gosh.. I searched and searched.. already sick and tired of the day.. Came back to the shed and found the vehicle. . uff.. atleast the vehicle was there ;).. and I had to take a bus home.. take my spare key and again a bus to the shed! poor me!! and now am back home posting all these adventures here... Phew.. long day ..gotta take a break..

Cheers.. :) 

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