Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yet another...

It's long since I wrote anything.. My PC failed to function thanks to a nice warm family of viruses that sought shelter in it.. It is the first weekend after college resumed.. Just a week yet it seems like a long time.. tough schedules and half of the guys at college are already sleep deprived .. Thank God we have English and Emech..else we'd be deprived even of the little sleep (courtesy these classes).. The results are out and everyone of us managed to scrap decent grades.... It was Saturday y'day.. a normal weekend.. a comparitively less tiresome  day of the week.. woke up around 8 and spent the day doing my most favorite work.. whiling away.. ;) .. Was at Anchi just like every saturday.. Back home and it begun.. the strange uncomfortable feeling.. felt like all the happiness was sucked out of me.. may be the weather.. the cutting cold the occasional drizzle.. Grey clouds reflecting my mood..and the still,silent night..I was not the usual chirpy self.. I was in my room.. that saved me the strain of keeping a smiling face.. I could look dejectedly at the walls and let out an occasional tear.. I was spending my time online.. facebook.. readin thru status msgs.. and then there was this gal in my college I spoke to.. She had faced a misfortune and though we were not acquainted much or had an emotional relationship I was feeling sorry.. I was feeling bad for her.. This is an usual thing still.. this mattered so much to me that I wanted to write about it.. I've felt sorry for a million people and I hadn't written about a single person.. why this time.. may be because she's a gal? No.. May be i was already upset? No.. May be the things that happened to her? No.. I'm still wondering why.. 

PS: Wishes to all my frnds who flourished well.. :) hope things continue the same way.. 


  1. Was just blog hopping! Nice read, the mood depicted, though strange happens in every one's life.
    Happy new year!

    Anoop Vijayan

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog. As i am an amateur blogger, your comments and reviews gives me lot of encouragement!
    I didnt understand what you meant when you said "give space to others". Please elaborate so that i can follow that from my next blog.

    And you have one more follower to ur blog from today!