Friday, May 7, 2010

17 again..

Hottest summer ever, semester exams, IPL,World cup,.. hot and happening events all over.. but time keeps flying and one fine morning I turned 18 :) Its weird though,to say I'm 18.. 17 was a lot cooler :D Last year was fun.. THE FIVE started b'day bashes on my b'day ;) so I'm leading with two to one :D Entering college with fear of losing your good ones old ones.. We proved ourselves wrong and now we're in touch as good as ever :) One year has taught me a lot.. Though not much of `how to be` it has taught me much of `how not to be`.. 'm glad I learn from my life.. This year I've been cursing myself much.. to the extent that kids on the road started pointing me and `Ahh here comes sick fella :P` Now that I've been branded(lol) I wish I'd be less sicker this year ;) Being older being more responsible :D so they say but who cares.. being older means 'm allowed to have more fun.. and hoping for a lot of fun this year though I wish I could say 'm 17 again.. Thanks to all my friends who wished me a good year.. This year I promise myself more smiles,more fun,more friends and finally.... more hope :)

Vignesh.. :)


  1. 18 yrs aanadhuku being older being older nu 100 yrs thaatha mari pesra? ;)
    Anyways, nice one:)
    Have a good year ahead:)

  2. One more year went means you are more experienced now than you were last year... Your Last year was bit bitter just to make you feel better.. Taste more success this year.. Cheers and all the best..