Monday, May 24, 2010

A few things that don change with time..

Somethings remain the same.. No matter how many years pass by we still stick on to certain things like they are meant to be with us forever.. Like the zillion other people in the world there are certain things good and bad that just don change with time..

My habit of biting nails.. I would go for a rehab if there's
That love for window seat be it a train,bus or a car..
That love of being all alone in the house..
love for darkness..
love for books..
love for writing pages and pages not bothering even to read it again..
I always loved batting first..
Whenever I'm asked to call on a coin toss I always choose a tail.. I don think that'll change like forever..
I always loved slow songs and slow movies.. I
rarely liked romantic movies.. Kanda naal mudhal will remain as my favorite love story ever..
I've never asked for pocket money..
I've never regretted taking a long walk with my dad..
never regretted fighting with my sister..
Love for wallpapers..
Attachment towards my pathetic mobile phone..
Love for water..
I like night better than the day..
Whenever I go out with friends I've always been late :D I don think that'll change for a while..
My love for black color..
Love for group discussions..
Love for Channa samosa..
My dreams.. repetitive.. possible.. slowly turning into reality..
Pepsi and coke..
Cold coffee(a recent madness)
New notebooks..
I like pencils better than pens..
Love for science and maths..
Harry potter..
Love for the FOUR :)
Madness about the number 7..
Late nights..
Really late mornings..
Love for elevators..
Cosco ball cricket..
Wicket keeping..

The list goes on n on...
Indeed there are somethings time can't change..

Vignesh.. :)


  1. ithanal thangal solla varuvathu? :P

  2. somethings don't change with time :P

  3. yea.. :) Am the same gethu guy :P and will remain so forever

  4. :) honored :P iniki vena me waste :D some day 'll do something that's worth talking nout..

    P.S: Am not including you in my nobel prize speech for this comment.. :D

  5. Confidence uh.... Keep goin :P

  6. No point in arguing with a crazy man!!!!!you just xerox HIS words dontcha!!!!!!!!?????

  7. namma valarchi pidikkadha sila per panra ulnaatu sadhi thaan idhu. U don worry Vignesh :P

  8. magalir ani support for me.. lol..
    @pram: Some day the UPS will drop me a note asking me to come n receive the Nobel :D