Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The one

Its been 229 days.. anyone who had known her would never dare to forget her.. I was her favorite.. makes me feel even worse when I think of her.. we shared a bond that only a very few happened to share.. I had all rights on her.. a rare privilege in the family.. I could speak or do anything around her.. I was showered love and care of the highest degree.. She faced a lot of difficulties in the last few years,but she never once failed to enquire about me.. Study well was all she advised me.. I kept my promises.. Could not realize much when I was younger.. but the last few years, her happiness was all I wished for.. She was everything to me, to us.. Her son, that's how she calls me.. that's who she believed I was, and I was more than happy to acknowledge that.. tears stop me.. its been 229 days and I miss you more than I have missed all these days.. the count will be on the rise.. I will continue to miss you.. You were more than what everyone thought you were to me.. I believe you are still around me.. You were more than a granny, a mother in fact as good as mine.. one relationship that none can replace.. You will always be remembered like you remembered me every single time you saw a kid pass by the window.. I have never told this to you, never got a chance, never mouthed that i love you, but what we shared expressed anything but more than purest love.. I wish you were with me.. to bless me before every exam like you did till twelfth grade, to play with me while everyone refused,to compel me to have one more serving of food how much ever was served, to do and say things that none ever did or said to me.. I wish i get you back.. I miss you.