Sunday, July 25, 2010

'Major' change...

Guess who turned 18 this summer? Yeah,its me.Well,the day before my birthday I was supposed to be a kid,cut out from the adult world and overnight I got qualified to do and decide things of my own. Crazy!
There was this so called "transformation" from minor to MAJOR and I find it funny,why?

"Kaalangarthalaye aaramchitiya? Andha computera konjam off pannitu enaku help panna kudatha?"

(Started it early in the morning as usual? Why can't you turn off that computer and help me out for a change?)

This is Ma..

"Kaila mobile,munnadi monitor,kaadhula sevuttu machine,romba busya irukka polarke?"

(mobile in hand,monitor in front and hearing aid in ears(That's what he likes to call my headphones),you seem to be too busy)

This is dad..

"Kannadi munnadi nikkama konjam nagarriya? Satta podrathukellam kannadi venuma? Enaku special class ku time aachu,na thala varin varen,vandiya eduthu vei"

(Will you move away form the mirror? Why do you need to look into it even while wearing your shirt? I'm running late for my special class.Go get the vehicle ready,I'll join you after combing my hair)

This is Sis..

None of these have changed overnight.Heard the same when I was seventeen.I still continue to hear the same.And I don think this will change like,forever.

I'm supposed to have undergone the transformation.Upon which I now have the right to decide the fate of my country.A week back if there were elections I would not even be allowed near the perimeter of the voting booth,now I have "Adult suffrage"(To all the folks who have their 'Political view' column in Facebook as 'Not Interested',Adult suffrage is the fundamental Right to Vote,believe me its not what you thought).I have long since been attracted to the new voting option,the Right to reject(My friends and myself find it amusing that you can reject representatives :P).

A few days back the situation was that if I get caught by the traffic police, I have to pay hundreds,now I proudly hold my license(though it wouldn't refrain me from paying him,it might help in cutting down the amount)

Dark shapes still scare me,no wonder.
I still love to watch cartoons.
Harry potter will remain my favorite book ever.

I don't really find any 'Major' change in me..

P.S: If I were in school now they still would not allow me to sign my report card,would they?


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  1. Hahaha.. great.. loved the wittiness.. and the hint of sarcasm here and there made it even more fun to read.

    A very well balanced head you have on your shoulders.

    Keep it up, Buddy!

  2. Thanks so much mate.Means so much to me :)

  3. I wish to start blogging!
    Go ahead mate, gr8 job done n doing!! =)
    Always fa u!

  4. Dude...I had planned to write about same topic this morning...In overnight,you have written about that...cha...

    Good one yaar...

  5. Yeah It doesnt change overnight. I8 is just the beginning of adult hood. Just because you joined school at 3 doesnt mean you can start writing and reading. You learn one by one.

    18 is the universal adult franchise because a person finishes his schooling at that age and has some of amount of knowledge.

  6. wonderful!!!! whatever ur age, u'll remain ur parent's little boy.. and ur sister's lovely brother....:) things are lovely as they are aren't they..:) but wonderful post....:)

  7. A good fun me, I remember when not so long ago I turned 18, and the only thing that came out from that was, you have become an adult but you still act childishly! ..Damned if you are on this side, damned if you aren't

  8. @Venky: Absolutely.I agree on the growing up stuff.This is just a humorous take on 18 :D or it is supposed to be one.
    @Aprana: True very true :)

    @TurbulentMind: Thanks,means so much to me.Keep visiting :)

  9. A very funny post with 18 in mind.. Good..

    I wish you a Good luck for the contest, Sleepy Sunday! Contest - I..

    Do stop by Saravana Kumar M - Last Wish

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  10. dont worry, for a parents and elder sisters and brothers we will always be KIDS! I'm married have my own 5 yr old kid, but still get shouted at, change is that now i have 2 set of patents and extra sisters and brothers!

  11. @Someone is special: Thanks so much for the comment.sure will stop by.Keep visiting :)
    @pooja: That's amazing.Whatever you have said is absolutely true.Keep visiting.
    @Shail: Really glad you of all people visited my page.Am a beginner and I got to know from WeBlog that you are one among the cream of the writers and personally realised on reading your blog.Hope you drop by often.Keep commenting :)

  12. humorous take on going from 17 to 18... enjoyed reading and the way you put forth the argument based on the day-to-day activities..

    it is a process..and there is not definitive way to distinguish minor/major.. but for official records and law, a definitive age has to be defined, isn't it?

  13. what change were u expecting when u crossed the threshold of age 18??? it was a fun read :))

  14. Good one, Vignesh. Wish you all the best. I too participated in the contest in Category 3. Do read it when you get time.

    Best Regards,

  15. @Sundeep: Thanks and glad you enjoyed it.Yes,there must be an official age indeed :)
    @Pushpee:There was nothing expected :D That's the point of the post.Thanks so much for visiting and dropping your comment.
    @Renjith: Thanks so much.Wishing you luck too.Sure will drop by :)

  16. Naah! They wouldn't let you sign your report card. Nice funny piece :)
    All the best

  17. Funny.... :-D

    You are good at writing funny blogs too.... :-)