Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wake up and break up..

A dozen n half years back,
In summer when hot is the sun.
To my mom and dad's luck,
They got a son..

The very same year,
In a land far away from the Nile.
Your parents shed a happy tear,
Just to see you smile..

You were slim not stout,
And you stole my heart.
I asked you out,
You said why not..

You and me were Cupid's match,
Held each other as apple of the eye.
So many eyes did we catch,
Like bread,butter and sweet cherry pie..

Many a fight and chocolate snatches,
You and me never made patches.
Know whats funny?
That which people call life.
The weather's really hot and sunny,
Yet you never can be my wife..


  1. after a loooong time poem..
    topic thaan konjam idikkudhu.. ne seri illa ;)

  2. shabba dei! cryptic raja! neeyelam VTV paathadhae oru waste :P

  3. Semma da.... Was really good..

    P.S : Sorry for dropping a bit late...

  4. nanri :) always here for you to read :D

  5. Its TrUe:
    If your heart was really broken, You would be dead... so shutup!!!
    lol... awesome man... getting better day by day
    Keep Going!!!!!