Saturday, September 4, 2010


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 He was surprised.He was taken aback seeing that he had been doing it wrong all the time.It was supposed to be left foot forward and then bring your right foot once the bat connects the ball.The coach was explaining that to a group of students.

It was the sandy shore of one of the most famous beaches in the country.The hub for street cricket.Place where so many professionals can be spotted in the bud.Perfect weather all the time.Place where you can find people from all states of social positions.

He was listening intently,between the sounds(a lovely one that is) of the waves kissing the shore.He could not really hear much as there was a whole team of guys around the coach and he was not that tall.

The last minute lessons were over and the match begun.The ball was hit and the projectile ended near his feet.He did not make an attempt to pick up the ball.He recollected the day when he was shouted at by the coach and so many others for having caught the ball at the wrong time.

It was around 7 in the morning and yet there was a decent crowd.The usual sight for him.He usually was up by four or even three,around the time when his dad starts for his day's work.The church bell sounded seven times.he counted Seven using his fingers.

It is time he left.His mom would already be searching for him.There had been a heavy rain a couple of days back and hence today would be a long day.

His dad would come home with a good catch.He with a  half-heart left the place.He had to join the other kids of his age.Would be a long day in the market.

And at a distance he saw his dad's and a couple others' boat.

He knew it was time for him to return.

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  1. A very nice story on return!

    All the best!!!

  2. A nice tale for the theme return..
    Its time for him to return.. A Picture worth thousand words if it is with a apt combintaion, you had did it well. great..

    All the best for BAT..

    Someone Is Special

  3. Wow! A poignant story simply told. It is sad when children have to give up their childhood so soon.

  4. Venky,Reaing your comments I come to a conclusion that I'm good in nenja-nakking :D
    Amity,Thanks so much ATB for BAT and grateful for the follow up :)
    Someone is speical,True :) thanks for visiting ATB
    Dreamer,Yeah and its quite a high number in our country.Thanks for visiting ATB :)

  5. Story of a lost childhood-when people have written posts on their wish to return to childhood(including me i must confess), we often forget that there are people who didn't live their 1st childhood properly-really liked it!
    All the best!

  6. Such a sad tale. Giving up on your dreams, forced by the harshness of blunt reality...
    Loved your take on return. All the best!

  7. Jaspreet and Samadrita,Thanks so much for visiting :) ATB to you too :)
    Ragul, :)

  8. Thanks thala :) neeyum ezhudu seekrama ;)

  9. nice post..different take...n so apt for RETURN... :)

    i blog at

  10. A very good interpretation of the word RETURN.
    Loved your write.
    good luck with BAT :)

  11. A well written post.
    Cheerz !!

  12. it's hard to convey what you have and in very few words. I think that's key, I hope you are looking into writing longer posts I'm sure they'll be equally well put. I really like your background (makes it a little harder to read but its fabulous nonetheless!). Is it a picture you've taken?

  13. Hey - a nice mix of a lot of things. I wish he could go and join them. ATB for BAT. :)

  14. Sidra,thanks for the comment.Really glad :)
    Ksshitij,thanks mate :) ATB to you too :)

  15. That was very well written, Vignesh. Though it's quite short, the simple narrative pattern makes it beautiful and speaks volumes.
    All the best!

  16. A simple tale of a child. Nice work.
    All the best for the BAT.

    PS. I would recommend that you not use 'white' as the font colour. It's blending into the background and is difficult to read.

  17. karthik, Really glad you visited :) All the best to you too

    D2,thanks so much for dropping by. And yeah will change the template soon :)

  18. The brevity of your expression reminds me of that song "you say it best when you say nothing at all".
    A brilliant job at conveying the deepest emotions without even mentioning them,forcing the reader to read between the lines even as he reads your words.

  19. Brijender,Thanks so much man.Those were great words.Happy that you liked it. :)

  20. Nice short and sweet, loaded with emotions and the trodden dreams of those not lucky. But on the flip side, kind of lacking in novelty. These kind of themes have been used so often and beaten to death in Blog-o-sphere. So though nicely written, it is not something that is going to win you a Blog-a-ton