Saturday, February 12, 2011

A life is a life is a life

Life's a bitch,
That last minute hitch.
Throws you lemons,
Shows you demons.

Life's double the time I spend on facebook,
Its the last page of my notebook.

Life's a satire sung to sad tunes,
Life's a parody of pathos.

Its the dawn that never broke,
Full of hearts which were silent and never spoke.

Sometimes it sucks to the core,
Otherwise its simply a bore.

Life's poetry that doesn't rhyme,
Often there's not much time.

Life's you,
Life's me,
It gets better when we say we.

Its the smell of a new born,
Sweet like the cream on corn.

Life is when you feel every letter,
Sometimes it just can't get any better.

Life is hot coffee in the morning,
Atleast once a day it gets annoying.

Life's a goodnight's sleep,
Same law for the poor and the rich.
And all in all life's a bitch.


  1. Devastatingly original in parts, sweet in pockets and a sweet and innovative attempt at poetry all round! :) Cheers to that :)

    The following lines tug at the heart:

    "Its the dawn that never broke,
    Full of hearts which were silent and never spoke." - been there, seen this! :)

    "Life is poetry that doesn't rhyme" - is also a beautiful line!

    Since I have said positive things, I should also feel liberal enough to express an opinion, which is solely mine: the "b----" word is sort of unbecoming of the rest of the verse!

  2. "Desvastatingly original" was a compliment by the way! :D