Thursday, February 24, 2011

One thing off my bucket list :)

It all started in the first semester. Having heard that the college has a Theatre club I wanted to join that, not robotics or the computer society. I'm not boasting but its been a long time dream to act, rather learn to act and there I had a lovely opportunity and yes I grabbed it. There were auditions and yay I got in :D

January comes and everything begins to unfold slowly. Theatron Anna Univ, started off with the reading and then there came blocking ( yes, I can scene-potufy with technical terms) And we started rehearsals.Though I skipped like a zillion of them, I had the best time with the people there. We bonded easily and had way too much fun. Here is my look down the memory lane in no particular order:

Gokul:  Such a fun guy. Being a final year he bonds amazingly with juniors, kudos for that. Coming to your character, THE LION :D :D :D He's the show's highlight. With the orange wig and the suit, he made us erupt with laughter everytime he came on stage :) You were the first guy i got introduced to in the group. You are a total win in whatever you do.

Vikram: Such a nice chap and a brilliant actor. Extremely dedicated. A great inspiration to everyone who acts along. And as Amitash says," None has to inspire you, you have to inspire yourself" Such actors are rare and you are the only one I personally know. Was a great pleasure knowing you and glad that I found a good friend in you. Hero :)

Amitash: Our director :) Just like how he scares the people in the team he decided to scare the crowd by playing a Ghost :D Extreme talent, great experience and it was a great privilege working under you :) May you reap success in whatever you do :)

Merwin: I don't know why but I see him as a brother since the initial days of Theatron (No ice vechufying, this is truth) There are really few people who are nice to everyone without any reason but just because they are nice. Merwin is one such guy. You are such a warm person and I really feel sad not to have known you earlier.

Prashanth, Nishok and Shyam: We share not just the scene but many moments together :) It was great fun spending time with you and these moments shall not be forgotten easily :) Hope we stay in touch.

Siona: Such an animated personality. Best person to have fun. I'd spend all day with you without getting bored :D  Have I told you? You are my faaaaaaaavorite in the whole team :D I love you.

PS: Thanks for letting me play angry birds on your phone :D

Archna: Whatay voice man! You are soooo much fun. The way you mock Merwin and Sundaram haha, best moments. I'll never forget your "Lift up your puny orb" :D We shall have more fun in the next production.

Ayshwarya: The Mermaid :D  It was great fun to see you, Archna and Siona mock Gomes and Sundharam :D. It takes courage to pull off such a role and you were brilliant :) Hope we get another chance to work together.

Vijay: Macha! Bandito! Jogehsty! Assistant Director! :D How do I call you? Semma fun chatting with you during rehearsals. The Bandit role can 't be pulled off by anyone except you. I'll never forget these moments spent in your company.

Sundharam: Whatay sacrifice you made for the role :P None can ever forget your mokkais Mr. Gym body. The amount of work you put into this production, massive! Take a bow :)

Anjana: Not to forget the lead "who blew fresh air into the play" as said by many. You are an amazing actress and I really wish I had seen your performance in Fire and the Rain. It was amazing spending time with you and hope we relive this during the next production.

Abi and Anu: I seriously can't recollect what all I spoke to who between the two of you. So here we go. The surprise element of our team :D The highlight scene and the way you built up to the show with a gazillion changes in dialogues and design. It was great working with you :)

Nivetha: We started speaking like during the very end of the production and you are TOTAL FUN. Wish I knew you earlier. You are electric I tell you :D Hope we work in the next production and I'm sure I'll have a blast.

Not to forget M.T and  Advaith :) Great job guys.

I did not plan on writing a post like this till a few minutes back. I woke up and I felt so emotional after a long time. I seriously had tears, when we were huddling and giving hugs to each other before the show. I don't know if it was happiness, nervousness or the feeling that this day will never come again. It was such an emotional moment when we were holding hands for the prayer. I guess you all felt that too. Love you guys and I'd give anything to relive this one month that passed in a swish. Hope we all stay in touch for a long time to come. You guys who began with being a part of the crew I acted in, ended up becoming a part of my life. I found a friend, a really good one, in everyone of you. I'll miss you guys like crazy. We have one more show to do tonight and I will have the time of my life. I seriously need a hug right now. EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE SIMPLY AWESOME. I can't wait to start our next production :) And I really hope I'm a part of it.

This post means so much to me just as everyone of you :) You people have magic in you. 

Loads of love.

Vi,vi,vi,vi... Vignesh :)

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