Friday, June 17, 2011

Avan Ivan - a class apart.

Title: Avan Ivan.

Director: Bala.

Cast: Vishal, Arya.

Bala promised us a total comedy script. And he is such an evil minded person. You can never find someone as ruthless and with so much hatred for man kind. What does Bala do in the movie? he makes you laugh. From frame one. Makes you laugh so hard that eventually tears roll down your cheek. And even after that you continue laughing. And then, and then he makes you cry. CRY! 

The story-line is a simple one liner. My guess is he wouldn't have taken more than 30 minutes to narrate the story to the cast. But the screenplay should be appreciated separately. This is not another 'Nanda' or 'Naan Kadavul'. But this movie will stand apart in Bala's career as a unique milestone. Calling this script a complete comic element would be like calling Anbe Sivam a quickie. I don't know how deeply Bala was involved while designing Vishal's character. Bala puts the epic in epicness.

I should say Arya plays a smooth secondary role in the movie. We should recall how big a milestone Naan Kadavul was in Arya's career and Bala has polished the good actor shield of Arya again after movies like Chikku-Bukku and Boss.. which killed the actor in Arya. I have always thought Arya should be made to act and he on his own will can not. I am not blaming his skills but Bala has played the role of the teacher who makes the student study in his life. Excellent timing in the scenes involving humour. And Arya has let himself loose in this movie.

The guy who played the role of 'Highness'. Thamizh cinema will remember this guy for long, rally long. He may not have used his acting skills much but he lives with us through out the movie. He has been bold. Bala uses one such character in almost all his films. I just can't find words to describe how pivotal a role this guy has pulled off. Watch the movie for this guy.


Its Bala's nature that he works hard on a character, writes up a narrative and kills us by showing everybody that he will change the image of an actor upside down. Bala can make Charlie Chaplin cry and give us a hit. Vishal's introduction is one of the high points of the movie. A brilliant take off. And then it starts. Its a riot throughout. The sentimental scenes of Arya blow us away. Brotherhood takes a different meaning. Simply put, there are two scenes I will never forget in my life. Who can?! Vishal demonstrates 'Nava-rasam' in a scene. Go for a cardio test if you don't cry in the end. And then the block before the climax and the climax. I personally thought Vishal couldn't act to save his life. And then the Bala phenomenon happened. If Vishal doesn't get an award, not one but many, I would say his standards have grown ahead of the awards. I would watching not once, not twice but thrice at least for Vishal.

Yuvan has done what Raja did to Naan Kadavul. Music that defines and doesn't disturb. The Vishal-Yuvan combo will make you cry in the scene aforementioned. 

I'm dividing the rating into 5 parts. Story, screenplay, Arya, Vishal and the guy who played the role of 'highness'.

Story - 15/20. Screenplay - 17/20. Arya - 18/20. 'Highness' - 18/20. Vishal - 20/20.

Overall the film scores an 88/100. Which gives it an 8.8/10.


Bala has risen to a level from where there is no coming back. He should never stop writing. Never stop to surprise us. I'm sorry for all the accusation Bala. You are godlevel, probably beyond. 

Thamizh cinema needs stories. Stories need good actors. Actors need Bala.


  1. Yeah right said... Surya's reaction in Navarasam scene should have been real.. Vishal stunned everyone!

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