Sunday, August 7, 2011

Every dog has it's day

"Happy Friendship Day"

Now that 'friendship day' hath cometh, my mobile inbox and facebook wall are being flooded with deeply thought messages like this. I am teary eyed as I read through every single message just like the million other people on whose wall you 'ctrl+v'-ed it. So what is all this hoopla about one particular day to spread fraandsheep? I firmly believe all these 'days' were started by greeting card companies to improve marketing. Except for one particular day which was the brainchild of Cheran in Autograph. It's 'Happy vayasukku vandha day' of course.

So as I sit here overwhelmed by the number of friendship day texts I receive and disgusted by the ultimate pichakarathanam of my mobile service provider I try to place myself in the shoes of those creative geniuses who come up with such 'days'.

There is Mother's day. There is Father's day. And then there is - Wait for it- Parents' day. I am nothing short of spell bound to know of all this. Might work in America but nevertheless its nothing but ultimate douchebag-ism.

You think Google is the source of all the info that is available today, right? You might want to rethink.  Facebook status updates have replaced Google's databases. Did you know that 'International Brother's week' and 'International Sister's week' both fall on the same week? Also thrice in the same month every other month? Beat that. Added incentive is that if you are the first person to put up such a status everyone on your friend-list will wish your brother/sister instead of 
their own brother/sister. Yes there are so many smart phones but very few smart people to note that ctr+v will not change their friend's brother's name into their own brother's.

There is 'international cute puppies day'. Where people upload pictures of KITTEN! Yes, KITTEN!

There's 'World AIDS day'. I don't want to know what people do on that day and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to either.

There's 'International Mommies day' which I don't know how is entirely different from International Mother's day. You should be careful to wish your mommy and not your Mother, not even accidentally.

Oh wait, these days are not just days but 'events' on Facebook. Some lonely teenager who couldn't grab a beer or a girl to get laid on a Friday evening decides to spam everyone on Facebook by creating 'events' like FDFS for Korean movies which don't even release in the same continent as his.

Amidst all this there are cool days like 'Pi day' which makes me relieved that some sanity exists in today's world.

All said and done, happy friendship day all. I won't text or wall post you people for I am scared that this post will be reduced to a single twitter hash tag: #meta.

So long.


  1. AIDS day, lol... good post.. and, happy friendshipday :-) :-P

  2. Ah! absolutely hilarious. Loved it.Oh and happy friendship day .