Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letters from nowhere

Most of the sanest conversations I have are with myself. It's a great joy when you get answers that help, opinions in your favour and appreciation for the most mediocre things that you perform. One can't expect others to do. Not even the best of friends will be able to give you a pat on the back for keeping your desk clean. Every man needs a Tyler Durden, someone within you, to guide, give constant feedback and to push you back up every time you fall down. I thought writing to myself would be fun, would be of help and would even make me feel better. So here,

Dearest me,

None would let you know the truth about yourself unless you stumble upon it by yourself. It's because the world is filled with two kinds of people. People who are very nice to point out the bad things in you and people who are not so nice to point out the good in you. So basically you have to find them yourself but since you are so busy concentrating on important issues like updating your Facebook status, I am here to save the trouble.

Life is not always fair as everyone around preaches. On the contrary it's mostly unfair to you. But the best part is that it's equally unfair to others as well. It never rains just on top of your head. If you get wet, so would the person standing next to you and the next.

None becomes a rocket scientist overnight. It's not like you should not try at all, but to expect immediate results for every action that your perform is natural but pointless. At the same time you shouldn't be investing your time and efforts on something that you know is not going to be fruitful. Like trying to grow apple trees in the Arctic. Remember, hope is the best thing. But it's not the only thing that's required.

You might fail, more than the number of times you would ever succeed. You should. Failure makes the success more dramatic and makes your celebrations better. Appreciate small successes like kicking the stone out of your way or making a baby smile. There are bad days, and then there are days which are worse. Somewhere in between you will have days that you would want to remember. Don't forget to recollect them. They say your entire life flashes before you just before you die. You must know where to fast forward and where to stop. 

Success stories are flawed. They are made to look like what they are today. It's like history. Most of it is too good to be true. None mentions how they met the right people at the right time. None mentions their inspirations. None EVER give out details of those people who gave them their million dollar idea. Success stories are made to inspire and they should end at that. You shouldn't follow anybody but yourself.

Ideal world exists only in philosophy and physics. You can't expect good deeds in return for good deeds. You shouldn't question them too. When you throw stones at a tree it gives you fruits. Do you ever question that? Then you shouldn't be complaining when you get stones in return for fruits.

In the end it all evens out. All you should look forward to in a day is one proper meal, a genuine smile, a hug and a good night's sleep.

Go live. Complaints are not those you would want to tell your kids and grand kids about. They must know that it would have been fun to have spent their lives with you when you were in your teens. You must live such that you have stories that make them smile and not complaints that make them feel bored. You have a whole life in front of you.

As one of your dearest friends said, "Today is the first day in the rest of your life." Don't let the tears blind you from the beautiful life that lay in front of you.

So long.


  1. 'it's a great joy when u get opinions in ur favour'... that explains the happiness I felt when I was reading this post... coz this is how I wanna c my life... it was a good read :-)

  2. 'Most of the sanest conversations I have are with myself.' LOVED this!

  3. sama loved d way u brought abt thngs in ur letter