Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not a love story

It was a killer smile. She looked at me after sipping from her cup of coffee and smiled with the milky mush. That was the moment for me. Who would expect to be swept off their feet by a girl's mustache? 

I had just broken up with a girl. She was caring, beautiful and smart. But something didn't work out. We had been going out for a couple of years. We thought we'd found each other. Soul mate and all that. We were planning to get married and then things went bad. I had to break it. And I did it, for the two of us. She was disappointed. Threw tantrums like a kid. Yes, a kid, that was what she was. But things moved on. I hadn't heard from her for a while then.

And there I was looking at the most beautiful pair of green eyes. I asked her if we could go out for a cup of coffee and realised the foolishness of the question only after she choked on her coffee, laughing. A few hours, days and weeks later, we were going out, officially. 

It was our first month anniversary and her birthday was a couple of days away. I thought I'd give her an early birthday surprise. I took her to my place. Made the best dinner arrangements I could and there we were in the garden, under the starlit sky having what was probably the best conversation in silence. I was falling more and more in love with her. I hoped she did too for I had neither her beautiful eyes nor the killer smile.

She reminded me of my ex in more than one way. She was everything that she wasn't and everything that she was. I felt this need to love her for I thought someone else would come and take my place. It was like a kid's love towards the mother. Holding the hands ever so tight when the kid sees other children more due to fear of losing her than the love towards.

We had finished eating. I stood up, took her hand and we had a walk around the garden. I wished time stood still. I wished the dawn never broke. I wished there wasn't a limit to love.

We kissed. Gently. It was a cold night and I felt like it was summer. She said my lips tasted funny. In a good way though. She loved to say my name. We kissed again. I could feel the blood flowing through my veins. I felt a warm, surging pain. I didn't realise it was indeed my blood. I found the knife on the dinner table missing, only to find it sticking out of me.

It took only a couple of minutes for the fog to clear. But then it was too late.  She was everything the other girl was. She was here to take my blood for I had taken the one's that she shared with. The dawn broke as I lay there still.

That was the last thing I saw. It was a killer smile.


  1. why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri dee!!!!!!!

  2. First thing I wanted to say has already been said by Varu :D

    Good one da, nice twist :)