Sunday, September 16, 2012

We don't have your money.

Firstly I'd like to establish the fact that College of Engineering, Guindy and Anna University, Guindy are not one and the same. CEG is a college housed inside the University, that's pretty much the only difference between the relationship between CEG and Anna University and the relationship between other affiliated colleges and the University (Apart from the curriculum, certification and all those techs). 

The final exams (laboratory and the theory papers) are held across the state by a body of the University called the Controller of Examinations (COE). The exams for the University departments which includes the four constituent colleges housed inside the University (College of Engineering - Guindy, Madras Institute of Technology - Chrompet, A.C. College of Technology - Guindy and School of Architecture and Planning - Guindy) are also conducted by the COE. So apart from the question papers and the people who evaluate the answer scripts there is almost zero difference between the examination procedure of the University departments and those of the affiliated colleges. 

In the University departments, once the exams are done the papers reach the controller of examinations and they are evaluated during a certain evaluation period. All those are irrelevant because, remember this, all the answer scripts are given dummy roll numbers and are evaluated by people who don't have any idea of the candidate whose answer script they are holding. So, all you people who think the evaluation procedures are rigged, please change your opinion.

Similarly, for the affiliated colleges, once the exams are done the answer scripts reach the correction centers and then professors from various colleges are appointed to evaluate those scripts. Al this is done by the University and College of Engineering has no part to play. It serves as one of the correction centers if I am not wrong. 


Re-evaluation is done under pretty much the same circumstances. After the results are published candidates are allowed to apply for re-evaluation of their answer scripts incase they are not satisfied with the outcome of the correction process. Same goes for the students of the University departments also. Even the fee that is collected for the re-evaluation are the same. 

All this is done under the control of the University not CEG.

Technical and cultural fests at CEG:

There are two international technical and cultural festivals Kurukshetra and Techofes in the month of January and February respectively. These fests are conducted by two student bodies namely : The CEG Tech Forum (CTF) and the Students Association and Arts Society). Each fest is planned well in advance (right after the year's event is done, next year's planning starts) and students across all four years of Engineering and across all the branches work on every single area to make the fests happen. By all areas I mean every single one of them. Right from advertisements to finance, from industry relations to logistic support everything is handled by the students under the guidance of staff advisors. 


There is this general opinion that all the re-evaluation fee collected from the affiliated colleges go in as funds for these two festivals. I am yet to come across a bigger load of nonsense. Like I said, the University and college are symbiotic bodies all the while operating mutually exclusive with each other. There is a separate team for marketing and sponsorship comprising entirely of students who go around and meet people from all sectors and hunt for sponsorship. It is not an easy task at all. I personally have seen so many of my friends going around and attending meetings without even breaking for lunch. After doing all this, they don't even expect credit. This shows how much of a responsibility these people are carrying on their shoulders without even expecting being mentioned. And after all this, the talk among the students from the other colleges is that all the funds are from their pockets and we have it easy. Well, NO. Every single penny is a result of a day's work of meeting and convincing people to support our events. In turn they get amazing recognition and branding. 

So next time your friend from another college says it is his re-evaluation money we are using to hold college fests, make him read this.


  1. Superb post! Aptly conveyed points.

    But I beg to differ on just one thing. The re-evaluation fee for University Depts is 400, whereas it is 700 for Affiliated Institutions.

    Doesn't make a difference in the point you were conveying though :)

  2. heyy..first time i've heard this...reval fees being used for conducting tech fests???i study in one of the affiliated colleges and i've never even thought of this thing...r u sure u've not jumped the gun based on the whinings of a frustrated affiliated college student?