Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hard to believe.. harder to oppose..

/*Excerpts from the bottom of my heart.. Inspirations are all around you.. you just need to get into your senses*/

~~Those who tried and were not successful failed.. those who never tried again failed miserably..

~~Whenever you are in the verge of giving up something tell yourself "One more time.."

~~Sometimes there'll be none around you but it just have to be you to tap your shoulders all by yourself..

~~Whenever you cry for something cry as loud as you can but once you finish promise yourself that you'll never cry again for the same reason..

~~Remember, never try to impersonate someone.. you're best at being you and none can play your role well..

~~Tears are so precious don spend it when you're sad..

~~Whenever you're let down by people whom you love just belive that at that moment that's the only thing which makes them smile..

~~Fight hard for your views, fight harder if you know you are right..

~~Whenever someone says something is impossible say to yourself "Unless I try!"..

~~Whenever you procrastinate something, someone somewhere is working hard on the same thing..

~~Never get satisfied with success..

~~Whenever you work on something work like you've never been successful..

~~There's no problem without a solution if you feel there's none then you've never looked up for the solution..

~~God always answers your questions, feel happy when its a Yes but always be ready for a No..

~~Always compromise with others,never compromise with yourself..

~~There's God like there's air.. trust or die..

~~Enjoy every small thing for you'll look back and realise that they were the big ones..

~~Never hold on to the past,there's a reason it doesn't come back..

~~Never say sorry for being yourself,it's like apologising for being real..

~~Trust in reality,not all your dreams come true..

~~Be practical,life's not always beautiful and fair..

~~Everyone can't be the leader,learn to follow..

~~You have your own role to play,keep waiting may be tomorrow's the day..

~~Do not pity the dead,pity the living,more those who live without love..

~~Happiness is everywhere,one must learn to light the matchstick..

~~Ask you'll be given.. keep asking and you'll never be forgiven..

~~Be honest, atleast to yourself..

~~Never regret being born,you'll regret more when you die..

~~Life's all about falling down,living's about getting back up..

~~The beginnings are always scary, the ends are usually sad,but it's everything in between that makes it all worth living..

Vignesh.. :)