Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chemistry 2.0

As the legendary Chinese Yin-Yan says the world is divided into pairs..

The Good and the bad..

The living and the dead..

The rich and the poor..

Those who support the Taliban and those who want the 'Tali' banned..(Line Courtesy:KBK of Talk)

And finally yet significantly, those who are in love and those who are not..

With the Valentine's day making a big fuss all over the world.. the smart brains stop to function sometime like a week before the V'day.. People who sell Roses,Greeting cards and Teddy bears(God knows why those girls like these puffy animal miniatures..) have an ever-fixed smile on their faces in this season where Love is supposed to be in the air..(Come on people did not bother as much when H1N1 was in the air) When it comes to V'day, history sings the ill-fortune of  kind hearted St.Valentine,a 7th century priest, who was stoned and hung to death just because he presided over the marriage of a couple in love.. And on his memory Feb 14 is celebrated as V'day..Here people don't seem to remember him( most of them don't remember the guy/gal with whom they spent their last v'day even) but the day's being regarded as yet another day where the girl bugs the guy for gifts, the girl expects him to shower all his love on the very single day, the girl suddenly develops a huge love for flower boquets and cards that read silly lines like 

"Roses are red,

I eat bread,(1 & 2 courtesy kbk of 'talk')

I have no clue,

Why I fell in love with you"

This highly correlates to the malfunction of the smart brains..

When people like Deepika Padukone are questioned "What's new this V'day?" they promptly answer "Well,My boyfriend" ;)

And all that today's people know about love is the so called "Chemistry" that happens between the guy and the gal.. (Uff.. Science says love's biology.. harmones bla bla).Well the version 2.0 of the chemistry seems to turn people to be madly in love(Particularly in instances where a guy sees his friend's lady love and says "Lucky you,she's an interesting gal.. my best V'day was with her ;) )..

Well for those who are fortunately single.. Take a deep breath cos love's in the air.. :)

P.S:Happy v'day folks :)





  1. Valentine's day pathi ivlo detailed info kuduthie.. UR Valentine's day epdi irundhudhu nu sollave illie?? ;)
    apram.. why did u drag deepika padukone into this??
    and cinema pathu romba kettu poirka.. girls r not dat greedy..(the teddy bear part is right though)
    Chemistry!! God knows what conc. H2SO4 has got to do with love!
    And finally.. as usual good work Vignesh..:)