Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here I'm again .. speaking the philosophies creatively conjured when my prof's taking strains to explain what none in the classroom got a hang of..(The efforts sadly unsuccessful)

Life' s a learning process.. so say the learned! BLAH!

My Life is full of..

~~ Ambitions..





~~Tonnes of fun..

These are the basic things I hope my life'd consist of,yet am this silly disappointed kid with

~ Unfulfilled ambitions..

~ Out of the life expectations..

~ Far fetched dreams..

Yet I wake up everyday,under the same old roof,go to the same college,meet the same people and my future seems bleak at its best .. Yet I live the same old life though the foreseeable future promises no change.. With the solemn hope of my view of life growing by the day.. :) 



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