Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are not in pakistan..

Every sunrise, over there , Mothers wake up with a fear of losing their sons..With a sense of insecurity.. With the constant reminder that the next bomb could burst in their backyard.. and despite all this,WE wake up and complain that the coffee is cold! Tens of bombs go out every single day.Dawn till day-break people search their beloved ones plunging through dead bodies of their fellow citizens..Always need to be alert.. Can get arrested anytime.. Any tragic terrorist attack,any suicide bombers,kidnaps,car crash..anything at all.. they are cursed.. they are blamed.. They have to undergo all this just because of one reason.. They were born in Pakistan!! Local  gang-wars,political parties don have a reason to fight,nothing to discuss at the parliament.. and anything for that matter, people in India take up this stupid,ignorant,barbaric HINDU-MUSLIM issue.. can't we just be friends.. Talks were made,are being made,and will continue in the future..while at the same time terrorists blow up explosives shattering the lives of Hindus and Muslims alike! Did anyone manage to give a thought about that?Stop blaming! Start thinking!

"Muslims are not terrorists.. because a terrorist can never be a Muslim!"

Terrorists cannot belong to any religion for that matter.. While the ruthless terrorists continue their monstrous hunt.. all I can do as a teenager is to shed tears for my beloved brothers and sisters falling prey to these barbarians..



  1. well said..
    the last line is a pathetic truth..

  2. finally bourvita topic ellam vitutu.. blog ezhuthiruka * appericiated * :)

  3. Integrating your love beyond the boundaries....Happy about that...

    P.S:Let me take this as granted chance to express my deep condolescence for all those who have been consumed by terrorists...

  4. Just tears and prayers won't bring solution.A strong strategic policy in action is needed to curb terrorism and root cause of terrorism should be addressed