Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Because I can..

Just finished watching "Aayutha Ezhutthu" for the upteenth time.The movie gets better everytime I watch it.Its been long since I posted anything,couldn't find anything to write about,courtesy my vetti stint.Happy that it gets over today.Back to business from tomorrow.WeBlog's competition got me many comments and roughly hundred odd hits in a week.Amazing.Using internet without usage concerns.Something that makes me smile till the fifteenth of every month.

It was 'friendship day'.Received messages from people who remembered to add me in those groups when they got my number long back...It helps.

Got a message from Miss.Yeah-She-Is-Tall "happy friendship day :) ". Wish things would get back the same.They were good but not anymore thanks to Miss Yes-No-Maybe and myself.

Mr.Next-Seat-In-Class fell sick over the weekend.Our friendship day reunion was at his place.Had a hearty laugh.Was good spending time with people you hardly see.

Went out for dinner with friends on saturday.Mr.Volleyball was back for the weekend.Always good to meet friends.MS could not make it.Would have been nice if he had turned up.Last saw him on my birthday.Seems like ages ago.

Saw 'Inception' on friday,worth every penny.

Was chatting with Mr.Brains last night,was thinking about school days,class seven and eight with him.Those days were fun indeed.

Got a message from,Yes-No-Maybe.Did not feel like replying,just like the past two three weeks.Still wondering why.

Mr.Cricket,Big B,Psycho and Mr.100 are busy with exams.
100's mom's back from Malaysia.He certainly felt good.Keeps him up in good spirits.

College kicks off tomorrow.Keeping fingers crossed.

Planning of bonding with a long lost art: Putting pen on paper.Got brilliant ideas to write about.Have a few things planned.Thinking of discussing with BigB.Hope it comes out amateurish at the least.

Wondering why I'm writing this post
Wondering why I blog actually.
Only this pops up..

Because I can..

Cheers... :)


  1. thala sutthudhu. :D are there any intro posts about all these ms.'s and mr.'s?

  2. The names are not revealed for their own good :D
    and for mine too :P

  3. And thala first comment on my blog.. varuga varuga :D

  4. macha am jus stunned da! ur splendid! again i say i wish to help u in some way in near future! Insha allah! =) missing u! feel like asking sorry to many ppl (dunno y i say tis here)!! u make me feel myself were i stand! =) way to go!

  5. We are here,I am here :) No worries mama :)