Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama,satyabama and appa-amma..

Truth is the hardest thing to believe.

We often misunderstand things to be one, while they come out as the exact opposite of what one imagined. So is the case with the arrival of the American first man/first black American man, Barrack Obama, to India. Most of the common men,by which I exclude Mr.Singh and his corrupt associates, believe that the arrival of the President of the states would make a change in the economic situation of our country. Well,that is not going to happen. 

He says, " Apart from the dreadful incident two years back, the Taj stands as an example for the nation's strength and it feels great to address the gathering from the very same place."

By which he actually means, "I'm glad that I was not elected President two years back and I really regret that Bush did not arrive when Terrorism went haywire two years back at the very same place".

Even after dodging all the questions and enough blaming of Pakistan,Iran and numerous other countries who don't understand what he says because they don't know English(as if the people who speak English give a damn) the media says he is discussing counter terrorism with the PM. He might as well be discussing, the terrorism at the Mumbai cine-plex ticket counters on Diwali day, which won't be revealed on account of being highly classified government info. You can't get this info even via wiki-leaks and that's why I provide you with Vicky-leaks ;)

He says America and India have come more close than ever, which invariably reminds me of Vadivel who tried to shift Delhi to South India. While Indian engineers,doctors and businessmen are waiting outside the embassy for their visas he's busy swiping his 'Visa' and dancing to Bollywood numbers in two piece( A shirt and a pant of course)

He's supposed to have signed a $10 billion deal. Well,there goes the money for Barrack/Manmohan campaign for the next elections. And this indeed would seem as a parody of the government reports. But believe me, Wiki might lie, Vicky won't.

Here, that I have included Satyabama for it sadly rhymes with Obama or so I think it does, I'm forced to make the following statements. The only Satyabama that I know of is the group of institutions run under that name. Which is a paradox. Let me tell you why. Its been portrayed as the strictest institution and its the scale which other colleges use to compare their levels of strictness with. Bite me. Its fun to be there as said by few friends who apparently belong to that chain of institutions.

The food, is immensely awesome and classrooms spacious and provide the perfect environment to sleep unlike the ones 'm forced to sit for 8 hours everyday. 

I know you wish that you could've ignored the Satyabama part completely. There goes my rating into the drains.

And my appa-amma who are not even remotely interested in whether I write about Obama/Satyabama or the annoying next door mama, are indeed interested in the Internet bills that the mailman never forgets to deliver unlike so many other important letters. And that ( and not my train of thought which hit a dead end) is making me stop with this.

Truth indeed is the hardest thing to believe.


  1. Nice One...

    Lucky for you your name rhymes with wiki!!
    Wikileaks-Vickyleaks... ;-)

    Could've written it like vikileaks.. :-D :-P

  2. Awesome... really awesome...
    And sadly the truth :(
    The Presidents visit is such an eye wash... :(
    And Vadivel thng ws good
    And Wiki lies vicky wont ws goood

    And Last para... =))))
    One Of Ur Best Posts...
    Loved It :)

  3. awesome!! ha ha ha..yeah obama part is sadly true...:(..he came to the stage with a promise of change and the only change is the change in his policies.:P

  4. This post was really nice to the point and clean. Liked it very much! Write more like this one and cut some slack on the emotional philosophies.

  5. a thumbs up for the obama part... the others were better than what i would have written... :D

  6. Vicky-leaks has impressed so many.Glad :) and I still wonder how I start off with an intention to write something sensible and end up with posts like this :D

  7. Wow.

    What a poorly written and ill-informed critique of Mr. Obama. I stumbled across this blog by accident, first impressed by the graphics. I now am embarassed for whoever's blog this is. Then again, isn't this is to be expected when your host is called 'cheese charmer'?

  8. Mr/Ms. Anonymous, whoever you might be, this is the state of the country's politics right now and as you can see so many in their right mind have agreed to whatever I have tried to express. You might be worshiping Mr.Obama but that doesn't disprove whatever I've said. Thanks anyway for taking time off and posting your thoughts.

    The cheese may not be not always charming as it seems :)