Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From Kalmadi to Kamal & Maddy

The wise say, the otherwise believe-Allan O'Connor.
Ranging from Dan Brown to the 'doctor' who can fly, a common trait keeps them kicking,deception.By making people believe what they want them to believe they fill their pockets and come up with more plans to deceive people.The sole blame is on the people and not on those who succeed in deceiving.Though a major part of the educated society falls prey for the Dan Brown sort, the flying doctor ends up in producing successful actors who otherwise would be engineers who would be grumbling upon flying doctors.

Take Suresh Kalmadi for example.He makes Sharad Powar look like a middle class man travelling in an MTC bus. Politicians spend lakhs of rupees which they looted in their previous regime to come into power again to start stealing for their next campaign.This vicious wheel keeps spinning.At the end of the day its the common engineer, sorry common man who gets affected with prices increasing and pocket money decreasing.

Harm aadmi

You,or one of the yous in one of the parallel universes must be finding this post interesting.I continue for the sake of that being.Apparently, I deceived you by stating there are parallel universes existing and even more by stating that I can write interesting stuff.Now do you realise how simple it is?

What started with poochandi and otha-kannan(One eyed man and No,I'm not scolding any Mr.Kannan in Madras thamizh) follows till today where my Math prof promises to clear my doubts in the next class.We got used to being deceived and the most boasted Indian culture plays perfect host for deception.

So many ads where Aamir Khan drinks abundant amounts of tea and absurdly asks others to stay awake seems to have no effect on the Great Indian Population.We simply can't resist staring at the white woman who comes out of the airport. 

It will take few more decades for people to realise that awareness,common sense and education do not fall under the same zip code.Awareness programmes in India are conducted by the educated and for the educated(of the educated doesn't suit!Drat)

So finally as I'm content with filling enough space, all I need to convey is stay awake and don't get deceived.

Well, for those who managed to stay awake through the post and waiting to comment what does Kamal and Maddy have to do with the title, they're are doing a combo and be prepared to get deceived if Kamal plays a role wherein he's younger than Maddy, or worst case where they are both younger than Trisha.

PS: The quote in the beginning of the post was made up by yours truly.

PPS:There's no person named Allan O'Connor.Again,I made it up.Deception is even simpler isn't it? 

PPPS:I've published cartoons for the first time :D I know I'm a horrible,horrible person to make you undergo all this.Yet,leave brickbats and comments :) 

The wise say, the otherwise believe.


  1. You and your titles!! :P
    The sketches.. :D

  2. brick bats..lol...
    so after inception now deception :P
    Nice... short n sweetly said... :)
    put in a cuteee form :)

  3. WTF! Aam aadmi lol what the hell was that. You draw faces right but fail miserably when it comes to body.

  4. nice post but the body of your aam aadmi looks altogether like another body part ;) :D

  5. Cool work dude... Nice cartoons btw!!