Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random musings..

I think I'm bored.

I have been totally restless since I woke up, which was around twelve in the afternoon. So bored that I was plain annoying to everyone in the house. tried to watch a movie, listen to songs nothing worked out. 
Now I'm here trying to type a post since its been long since I posted anything. And this seems to crash as well. Let me check if someone's mailed me.

Logging in yahoo..
No unread mails, hmm.

Check Rediff.
Same here, there's one single unread e-mail that I mailed myself.

Twitter? I just closed it, but still there could be something new Its Twitter after all.. 

Hmm, there's a Quiz rather Kweezzz going on. tried my hand at a few questions in the beginning. Did not work out.
I'm totally clueless even to provide lame answers.

There's facebook, hmm logging in.

Ha, exams for everyone, right. Closing window.

What shall I do now?

Ya, check usage. That's a place where there's always something new and shocking.
Oh my, i have used too much. So no internet for the last week, sigh.

Check blog traffic, comments tab, keywords to find anything funny..

Checking mail again..Twitter.. seeing if someone accidentally hit the follow button.

Sigh this is depressing.

Sending all the best messages to everyone.. people are replying immediately. Guess M3 is easy.

Should've gone to meet those three. Stupid Washing machine! Why should it get faulty on this very day and why should I be left in charge of looking after it!

This is really frustrating. 

I think I'm bored. 


  1. I have been threw the same shit! The fact that you've gone through and still standing is a good thing! With this comment I have ticked off two things
    (a) A mail
    (b) A comment

  2. realistic... everyones mind voice :P
    washing machine part is dead true.. :(

  3. i just escaped b'coz of my friends, playing with them inspite of being wet..........

  4. ha ha ha:D i too face this oly diff i've exams.:P

  5. Haha.. reminds me of a few posts in my archive minus the Twitter! :P