Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The game of dice- Twitter style.

One fine afternoon, Duryodh decided to call Yudhistir to his place, which was followed by one of the most remembered games of dice ever played. That, in twitter style, here we go.

@Duryodh_Dude : @Yoyudhi Dude, furnished new place. Lets have a tweetup, beer and all. Bring your bros along

@Yoyudhi: Sure mate and I have to say your handle's so Orkutiya :D

@Duryodh_Dude: Sombody gonna get hurt real bad #RusselPeters

@ShakuniShakes: Seems @Duryodh_Dude has planned something, must be one helluvan evening. catchya later guys.

@Yoyudhi: Dude, @Nakul says he hasn't received the invite 
yet. Pliss to check

@Nakul: People just don't seem to notice I exist.

@Duryodh_Dude: @Nakul haha that was so gay. Check your spam 

@Nakul : @Duryodh_Dude Sorry mate, got it :) 

@Duryodh_Dude@Nakul #facepalm

@Yoyudhi: now at fun tweet up with @Duryodh_Dude et all. Will upload pics soon.

@DraupDaretoShare: Duh, MEN.

@ArjunDash: @DraupDaretoShare Got a moment? Anyway @Yoyudhi's busy rolling dice. We can get something else rolling  ;) 

@Krish : @ArjunDash Heavy #Mahipal feel.

@Draupdaretoshare: @Krish *blushes* @ArjunDash

@Krish: @Draupdaretoshare #Headdesk @ArjunDash

@Yoyudhi: YAY, a six! take that! @Duryodh_Dude @ShakuniShakes

@Krish : @Sakunishakes and Limp-bizkit #Sameguy (atleast namesake) 

@ShakuniShakes: @Duryodh_Dude and @Yoyudhi #Nowplaying- an epic game of dice

@Duryodh_Dude: haha perhaps its now time for a #Yudhiface LOL @Yoyudhi

@YoYudhi: Hmm, lemme bet @Nakul, @ArjunDash @Vedahas and @BhimBoy 

@Duryodh_dude : @YoYudhi hahaha LOSER, again :P 

@Nakul: @YoYudhi WTF @ArjunDash @Vedahas @BhimBoy

@ArjunDash: @YoYudhi #Outrage @Nakul @Vedahas @BhimBoy

@Bhimboy RT @Nakul: @YoYudhi WTF @ArjunDash @Vedahas @BhimBoy

@Vedahas : @Yoyudhi LVDKBL @Nakul@ArjunDash @BhimBoy

@DraupDaretoshare : @Cutekunti Are you a bitch? because  @ArjunDash @YoYudhi @Nakul @Vedahas @BhimBoy are behaving like sons of one.

@Duryodh_dude : @ShakuniShakes *hi-fies* today's beer's on me dude.

@ShakuniShakes: @Duryodh_Dude we have redefined #EPICWIN machaan.

@Krish : @YoYudhi Toldja. 

@YoYudhi : @Krish :( :( 

@Krish : @YoYudhi Forget it, hard luck machaan.

@yoYudhi : @Krish Well, ofcourse.

@Krish : @YoYudhi Otha.


  1. man, u r wild n ur thots.. i mean am dmbstk wth ur penning process.. keep gng man...

  2. hahaha :D @cutekunti EPIC! :D