Sunday, January 9, 2011

How facebook changed the face of people..

Came across this Mark Zuckerberg's shutting down Facebook news. The first thing that came to my mind was " Oh no what am I going to do without Facebook?" And when I started thinking, yes thinking, what the big deal about Facebook was, I realised I'll be one of the few who is not so heart-broken. Yes, I'm addicted to Facebook, waste plenty of my quality time on it. There was one 16 year old kid who'd commented " Everyday, I spend about 10 hours on Facebook. What would i do with all that free time now?" My reply would be, "May be try growing up in your free time". It has become an obsession for so many like me. Though I made a few really good friends on Facebook, I think I'd've made many more of them if I were interacting with people for real. I personally feel that with every random friend we make on Facebook we get more lonely.

What life was and what Facebook has made it into?

When someone's in a distress we used to feel sorry for them, now we 'like' when someone's sad.

When someone gets a girlfriend/boyfriend they used to TELL people, now they update their relationship status.

We used to make friends, no we are making fraands.

"How are you" used to make sense, now its plain nonsense.

Personally, I love those 2900 plus pages that I've 'liked', still its creepy.

Relationships break because some boy/girl scribbles something-that-is-not-to-be-expressed-in-public on your wall.

One used to feel happy when people remembered your birthday, now even genuine wishes have become meaningless because you think Facebook notified them.

When people slapped you cried, now you 'like' it or worse, others 'like' it.

Half the number of people who were interested in Farmville actually know nothing about farms.

Parents used to talk to kids, now they 'chat'.

If one had updated his status as much as he did with his Facebook account in real life he'd be the most respected man in town.

When you see people being bullied on Facebook forums, its plain sad.

One wouldn't even smile at strangers, now he adds random people because they both 'like' the same brand of toilet paper.

There used to be genuine fans for people, now there are more fan pages than fans.

I'd love hugs but sadly they don't exist offline.

Patriotism was a feeling of the heart, now the more one hates others the greater patriot he is.

Saying 'fuck you' is easy, being on the other end is hard.

Creativity existed, now Plagiarism is the new creativity.

You made friends, now you request people to be your friend.

You used to quote people, now you imitate people.

Those and so many, Facebook had played its part in changing people forever. This reminds me of a couple of fan pages, yes Facebook effect,

Facebook is the only place where you are allowed to write on walls and poke people.

If Facebook was ever shut down, people would be walking the streets poking strangers and writing on walls.
Now, we'll know if that's the case if the shutting down of Facebook is not some sort of hoax.

Get real. Get a life.


  1. Oh man! stunning truth!
    naan ipa seiradu? shud delete account or shud have it? srsly!

  2. You've raised some new points here! Have never read them anywhere before.

    Very true.

    "Get real. Get a life."- perfect ending. Can we expect a post about Twitter too? :D

  3. Good read.

    But unfortunately, the 'weekly world news' article about Facebook shutting down on March 15th is a hoax.

    But what's the point even if it shuts down? People will move from FB to some new fad. It'll go on and on.

  4. ya ya i accept that people are addicted to it (mee too).But some psychological studies says that facebook helps lonely and depressed people .Some may be without fb but eventually they would move to some new stupid website

  5. I think its a nice way of keeping touch with friends!!!! Plain simple!!!

  6. Noorul, Don't be on both extremes. Limiting the usage would do good.

    Aishwarya, Twitter? soon :D

    Eandomprocessing,Welcome :) though what you say's true facebook is more popular than any other site because of its simplicity and if it shuts down ofcourse people are going to move to some other site. Thanks for dropping by :)

    electronicuTED Yeah at times its a real good relief even for me.

    Venkat, agreed. Even you and I became friends through facebook for that matter :) But then, it has disadvantages like I've stated. Thats the sad part. As any other innovation facebook-ing comes at a price :)

  7. Nice caustic article da :) And I agree, one shouldn't be on the extremes - In the middle, Facebook is quite useful. It's as with everything else in life - Facebook is a good servant but a bad master :P

  8. A very thought provoking post, Vignesh. It's funny, it's satirical.
    Unfortunately it's hard to get rid of its addiction. For me, at least.
    Great post, man.

  9. Brilliant post Vignesh! And great to way to put it this way

    "I'd love hugs but sadly they don't exist offline."

    "Creativity existed, now Plagiarism is the new creativity"

    And this one,
    "You made friends, now you request people to be your friend."
    It's just plain truth slapped to the face!

  10. Thank you Uthra,Venkat, Karthik and Phoenix :)

    Vijay anna, couldn't agree more. Limiting us would do ourselves good.

  11. Really Fantastic... Emotions r being ridiculed... Social networkin is good... but only in its limits

  12. Only FB notified me that u ve added this post.. :D

    Excellent one boss.. Keep up the good show.. :)

  13. was nodding my head to almost everything there... i startd off with FB as tht's the only social n/w king site that opens at my work place... but then- most companies have a FB page for their 'product promotion' these days... ! it s a huge thing...

    may be we ll actually have a "life" once FB shuts down... may be...

    a very good read!

  14. Awesome dude. Didn't know you write so well. i think instead of Facebook, i am going to get addicted to ur blog instead :D. Very true though, fb addiction was something i was caught up in a long time back. Thankfully, out now. Cheers, great blog. Keep it up