Saturday, January 8, 2011

The man in the mirror

The author may or may not be drunk, this may or may not be fictional and you may or may not continue reading any further.People who cannot read English in Tamil and Tamil in English, please to learn before you continue reading this.

Macha, there's this ponnu da. I know here for like a few days, lets not say 5 months. shhhh. She is mad about me. Haha impossible no?  Brilliant macha you are. I am mad about her, hmm not really but we'll assume so. You know what the problem is? Let me tell you. I speak to her da, say Hi how are you and all that. Not like I say to others macha, I say hi beacuse she waves back beautifully. I'll show you someday, no no I won't. See, like this only, like this she waves back at me. I say hi and I wait macha. I wouldn't know what to ask next. If I ask how are you she'd say you asked me the same thing when you saw me yesterday, no? Correct macha, girls get bored soon. You know what girls get bored of me soon da. Guess why? I get bored of them too. Sweet, no? Life's x^2+y^=r^2 macha. That math teacher no? Kannadi female. She said that wrongly, so funny it was. Coming back, she waves back subtly da. Also when I ask how are you I care to know macha. I don't remember what I had for breakfast, but i still remember that green color dress she wore on that day, no don say it was that physics test. shhhh. And thats all, my creativity ends. Evlo I write here? But then I'm on my highest mokka point when I'm around her macha. Crazy no? You know what the sad part is? This guy, no? He fell in love badly with that girl and now he is telling  his story to us haha. Thevaya for him all this? He doesn't even know to say it out da. Worst no? We've watched so many movies together but then adhellam impossible da. Its been long since he met her even. He got busy, no no she got busy, wait where's he? Ok let me continue. I got busy with classes and so couldn't meet her da. Its hard  macha also it hurts to think of getting over it macha. Trust me, getting over is not like a hangover macha, its ten times, no twenty times worse than that. Thalavali da. You wouldn't know. Waste fellow you are. Wait let me get up. Here he is. What he did no? He felt shy, probably not brave enough. He thinks he's worthless macha. Hey? Where are you? Forget him. Velaikagadha payan da. I'll tell you, I found it hard to tell her da and now I can see I lost her. Not to someone else macha, but I simply lost her. Why? Hello? Hey ? Oh no,power cut. Where are you? hello?
Damn you! Man in the mirror. 

Probably the worst post ever, still. Thanks for having read through. I haven't gained enough drinking experience to simulate, though, Vaazhga Tamil cinema for having taught me this.


  1. hey, ds s nice.. if nly i cd imagn hw does it feel 2 b a drnkrd, wd hv been betr...

  2. sema post:)
    P:S:alcohol is injurious to health..:P:P