Sunday, March 13, 2011

When the dominoes started their fall..

Its sunday night. Some people are partying, some are cribbing about monday blues, some are preparing for math tests while in the eastern most part of our planet people are dying.I happened to read this post, The end of the world as I see it. Here I sit with a zillion questions about Nature and what a bitch it is proving itself to be.

I'm not blaming anyone in particular not that god person or whoever I must think to be responsible for. People are sympathising, praying and wishing nothing more should envisage Japan and its people while I sit here with a strange feeling which I guess is mostly guilt. Was discussing this with my friend, asking why should one country face repeated bashing while others are safe and sound cheering cricket. There might be kids and people of my age who are as entitled to life as much as I am but are crying out loud because they lost their mom,dad, siblings or a part of themselves. Is it fair? I asked this question so many times in the past two days that I lost count, "What kind of a design is this?"

My friend said there is no point in feeling guilty, mankind has been programmed to sympathise and do nothing but move on as there's nothing more one can do. Imagine this scenario, this might make you understand how I feel: The teacher is punishing that kid sitting in the first desk while you are in the last desk looking at him getting beaten with a cane all the while having the same unfinished homework in hand.

I do not wish to be Nostradamic and post my predictions as to how and when the world will end. In fact I don't believe in the 2012 crap myself. I can't help but think that there are people smiling and dancing while there are people drowning in misery. Its sad that I wait for Sachin to score a hundred while the Japanese are hiding their children from radiation. Imagine a kid born last week, which was the centre of attention and the reason for its family to smile, laughing and wetting the diapers knowing not that his mom and dad are crying all the while when they are trying not to wipe the smile away from his face. What if that's the last thing they ever see?  Why should this happen? If all the world has to end let it end in a whisper. Why to show off?

Just because you can, you shouldn't, bitch.

The world needs love, spread it. Spread it wherever, whenever and however you can. And that love shall give the finger to whomever responsible.


  1. Nature dosent know fair and unfair and thats the way it is! There is no point calling nature a bitch and lamenting about it. Nature makes up for it in different ways. Another point in case why Humans are so fucking self-centered! If a storm blows up your place and destorys people its bitch and they save bastards hunt fish and other animals, thats god forsaken nature. Now who's a "bitch"? Why dont you people accept death as you accept say, a born baby like you just said!

  2. The Best Often Undergo tests.. I guess Thats Y Japan Is Always Forced To rise From Ashes..
    N Sadly Its Not Only The Rule Of Nature.. Its Of Life Too.. Ones Sadness Is Ones Happiness..
    Nice Post.. :)

  3. yet another news story that will go unnoticed after some time .:(

  4. dont. you .dare. call .nature. a .bitch. dont you ever dare. it is in no way responsible for the deeds of man. just cause there are protons and electrons that SHE created for you,, you didnt ve to go break it up,make yourselves a bomb, blow yourselves up and blame nature for it and cause of your blundered forages into what you disguise as science,she gets blamed and called a way dude,it is the reason for your existence,you are what you are cause of her.of all the...,you didnt ve to go and make a nuclear bomb/reacter.. whatever it is, in the name of science, you dug the pit you are in now, she is in no way responsible.