Monday, March 7, 2011

The Unnamed Entity.

And god said let there be light

Ingredients like hair, skin, antidote for Pond's age miracle et all were used and man was created. In the beginning was this naked man, Adam, a single solemn entity who found solace in eating carrots like Bugs Bunny. There was his female counterpart and she is known by the name Eve(probably Stephanie Meyer was influential in coining the name) Their hobby was gardening and they covered every possible space available with trees of a million kinds which their successors would eventually cut down. And he ate the forbidden fruit, the apple. No, not the selfish fruit company that names all their products starting with i. Also that's the probable reason why we call the lump on men's throat as the Adam's apple. Very uncreative I say, it looks nothing like an apple. Coming back, he tasted the forbidden fruit and *bang* Adam and Eve got transformed into what men and women would behave a million years from then. Sadly they failed to read the terms and conditions and clicked on it just like everyone else. So Life, as we know it, started. They got naughty and gave birth to kids which cried all night long and did not allow them to sleep. They did not have diapers back then and so the Ayers rock and the Nile were probably the result of the kids' well, you-know-what.

Man got accustomed to living in this green planet which is basically 3/4th water and I have no idea which genius decided to call it green instead of blue. Man experienced happiness, sadness,agony, heartbreak and heart attack. So the world started behaving like how it would be a few million years later. Man started feeling all these multitude of emotions. He started thinking, wondering about himself,others and life in general. He was happy and wanted someone to share it with. He was sad and wanted some shoulder to cry upon. He fell in love and wanted someone to express it.  He made friends, adopted natural selection. Gave birth to kids and kids called him dad and his female counterpart as mom. He wanted to teach his kids a lesson. They had to learn. The kids were more intelligent than the parents themselves. And man found this phrase " I told you so." The kids started questioning. They asked him who told you so? Man did not have an answer.

Man was lost. He felt lonely. 
He wished for things and wanted someone to ask it to. He wanted to pray. He wanted a guide. He wanted a torch in darkness. He wanted someone to blame. He wanted an answer to all unanswered questions. He wanted a master. He wanted a superior. He wanted a secret. He wanted faith. He wanted to be blind. He wanted to be bound. He wanted to be controlled. He wanted a reason to love, to fight. He found a religion. He wanted isolation. He wanted bloodshed. He wanted hate. He wanted wrath. He wanted war.

And man said let there be god.


  1. Wonderful post man ! Are you an atheist ?
    The last few lines suggest so :)

  2. technically arent you blaming GOD?

  3. i dont think he is blaming god ,he says man wanted those things and i think he is against religious differences instead.

  4. this is really wonderful!!!!!
    i really have no words to appreciate this post.. correctly emebllished with a great sense of humour philosophy and religion da...
    one of my favs..
    keeep rocking :)

  5. wow... i loved the last paragraph especially... it has perfectly captured the puzzle that is in everyone's mind deep down! awesome job! here's to this post!! cheers! :D

  6. Nice! :) Good pt reviewed, not the answer though! God is God & only one (I wud say)! not as many as ppl think. I do accept all the other pts.
    Highly appreciable dude! Rock on =)

  7. you are a gifted thinker and writer .. nice work