Sunday, March 6, 2011

Immaculate Misconceptions

I've been asked the meaning of the blog's title many a time and I love explaining it every single time. Simply put it means Perfect Misunderstandings. Now the time has come for me to use the name of my blog as the tile of the post which i'm about to start rambling upon. People have had the weirdest ideas about me and now I feel this would help them to draw a better picture of me.

To begin with I'm not Chinese, Nepali or someone from the lost islands of Mongolia. I'm Indian. I look Indian. I don't even eat Chinese food. My family lineage remains Indian to the farthest ancestor I can trace back to.

I don't know Kung fu. I don't take secret Kungfu classes to passport-less Chinese kids in India.

I eat. Just like you, just like the next door guy, just like the Orca whale. I survive because I eat. Next time don't ask me "Vignesh, don't you eat at all?"

I'm not Robert Pattinson. I'm not a vampire. I don't bite random strangers. I have no clue why I look pale.

I sleep. Yes, believe me I do. I stay up when you sleep and sleep when you stay up.

I'm a vegetarian. I don't know why some people ask " How could you not eat chicken?" I don't ask them "How could you eat chicken?"

And I was told that egg is not vegetarian. The question that immediately follows "I'm a veggie" is "Do you eat eggs?".

I don't sit in the first desk. I text from class. I don't take notes.

I like speaking in thamizh and I love it when girls speak in thamizh. One does not forget English if you limit the usage. The Sundal paiyan or the guy who asks for change outside railway toilets may not be entirely happy if you start peter-vuttufying to him.

Thats all for now. There, I'm done with the post.


  1. shirt anindha sangathamizhaa.. kalkitada..

  2. Hats off for the 3rd line... Bcoz I'm a victim of it too...

  3. you are my twin! hence, you should go through all this. :P

  4. hope people won't ask these questions again :)

  5. i loved the first point... i have always secretly wondered that! :P... and to compare u with robert pattinson is sacrilege! who was that blind person who did that?

  6. sema po... athuvumm kadasila sonna paaru, kudos 4 dat....