Friday, December 9, 2011

I might as well join the bandwagon

This post can also be titled "A day in the life of " or just in case the limelight misses you "How I joined a billion people in worrying about Tendulkar's ton :-)" 

Before you get all worked up and go "the fuck is this, the fuck is that" on the comments section, I'd like to make four things clear:
1. I'm as much a fan of Sachin as you are. You are probably better because no matter what I say, you will claim so.

2. Sachin will NOT read this blog post even if his astrologer says that reading this will make getting the 100th hundred easier.

3. It's an undeniable fact that Sachin is one of the greatest ever to have swung the willow because none has tried denying it in the first place. Also because it is kinda true.

4. Read points 1-3 until you are clear.

It is indeed sad that a handful of recent happenings have stolen the thunder from Sachin, who, now probably is at some dimly lit bar in Melbourne drinking away his woes. It is important to get over sorrow to become successful. The popular saying goes 'jo jeeta hai woe hi sikkandar'. It has been a real tight competition among Sachin, Kapil Sibal, Anna Hazare and a bunch of corrupt politicians. But in the end, cricket has been the winner, every time.

Godwin's law says that every discussion on the internet will sooner or later end up in Nazi bashing. The Indian version of it is that every discussion will end up with the conversationalists worrying about Tendulkar's hundred not unlike the Tambrahm parent concerned about the son's centum in Mathematics or a bad joke on death and destruction. I ask you one simple question which I have asked myself numerous times in vain, why?

Immediate attention and all that, but there is an etiquette to make jokes, right? Everything is not a joke. There was a fire in a hospital at Calcutta today. The death toll reached 20. And somewhere someone has been making "Who will reach 100 first? Death toll or Sachin?" No expletive can express how cruel this is. It's a welcome change that people have started taking things light. You move on, make a couple of jokes and laugh about it. But when? Not when Rome is still burning. If you come to me with "Nero became famous because he played when Rome was burning. Not when Rome was, well, not burning" I will reply with "fornicate thee" in street language. I'm not asking you to cut down the jokes completely or something like that. I spend major part of my day coming up with pathetic jokes myself. But there is a line and most of us are crossing it even before we tweet or put up a facebook update. 

Wait. I know what you are thinking.I asked you not to talk about Sachin everywhere but I did here.
I asked you not to make jokes about death but I did here.

I being one among you in the society will escape with the same excuse. Everyone is busy coming up with stuff like this, so, I might as well join the bandwagon.

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