Saturday, May 26, 2012

How does it matter if the IPL is fixed?

Dear closet CSK fan (in other words, Dear people),

I agree you are an ardent cricket fan, you worship test cricket and you have an XXL size Dravid poster on your bedroom wall. But what is your problem with IPL? I mean one moment you sit quietly and watch Pune Warriors and Deccan Chargers play one blade game, once Chennai starts winning you start reacting like you ate Molaga Bhajji (Chilli Pakoda/ Roasted flour with chilli in between). You cry all over saying IPL is fixed. These people are cheating the public. Well, if you expect quality cricket in 20 overs both sides will end up scoring 80 odd runs and then IPL will die a slow death like Raju Rastogi's father in 3 idiots. If you want entertainment AND quality cricket, you should play one in your computer only. It is entertaining and you will definitely not admit that it is of poor quality because you are the one playing. 

Let me ask you, did you find Siddhu irritating before you created a twitter account? Some people found his statements cliched and started dissing him, yes. But you wanted to be noticed. 

You wanted to blame IPL. And you wanted to be heard. So, you started tweeting everything with #IPL. I mean there is a level of desperation dude. If you tweet " YAY!!!111 My dog successfully moocha-ed today #IPL" Danny Morrison won't read it out. 

Most people claiming that IPL is fixed are claiming so because the matches go down till the last ball. Well, you wanted entertainment. There, you get it. How many of us watch movies repeatedly just for their entertainment factor? This happens once a year, have got a good fan following, why not let people enjoy? No, you HAVE to find faults with it.

First, you said it is spoiling quality cricket. But you want Sehwag to score a century in 50 balls in a match where each team plays 50 overs. Even in a test match you watch till Sehwag gets out and refresh cricinfo once in 20 minutes when Dravid is batting. Why should you talk about spoiling the quality of cricket?

I wonder if you would have cried out 'match fixing' if your favorite team reached the play-offs or the final. When United wins title after title you seem to have no problem. But it is CSK, so you should claim that it is fixed. 

Dhoni hits a six, it is fixed. Morkel hits a six, it is fixed. Murali Vijay gets Hussey run out, it is fixed. Warner makes a fool of himself, it is fixed.

Amits and Gults think this is JEE and Chennai people are not supposed to fare well. Well we ended up bidding you farewell. KKR might end up winning the final but you will complain if CSK fans update status saying we have done it twice. You will take pains, research cricinfo pull up statistics and all just to prove us wrong. But we will simply reply saying that we have won it more number of times than you have reached the finals. 

You can like IPL, hate IPL, but when a billion people are watching it, you just cannot ignore talking about it. If you don't like the idea of it, do not watch or endorse. It is not like test cricket is dying because people are watching IPL, it could be because there aren't enough people who are watching test matches. But I'm quite sure that's not the case.

Anyway, put whistle. 


  1. *Puts whistle* Not for IPL or CSK, but for your post! Nice one!

  2. What he said, Whistle podu for your post, splendid !

  3. Good post dude. Mutual feelings! :) Nicely put up :)

  4. Apt comparisons over places.. Makes the article pic perfect :) As usual simply awesomatic :P :)

  5. I am sorry, your articles makes no sense, infact just because you are a Chennai supporter you are not seeing the obvious signs of fixing and accusing others of "sour grapes". CSK has won before too, but no one has been so vocal before, why?? This time people have good reasons, and you are so easily ignoring charges of Spot fixing by players. Its not that difficult anymore. Read more below

    Please read this

    and this

    even IPL site showed that CSK in finals much before the match was played.

  6. mass da :) exactly wats in mind of all csk fans :)