Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The tale of two cities

So like Suriya in Varanam Aayiram I decided to leave my city in search of a girl. Now that we have established all that I am going to type underneath is going to be as truthful as the first sentence we shall start every sentence with 'I wish'. 

Due to my extraordinary interests in research and outstanding academic records (read as invaluable favor and a derisive snort) I got an opportunity to intern at a famous institute in Bombay. I was all excited about spending my time away from home for a month (turning 20 and all that shizz). So I bid adieu to my family and boarded a train to Bombay a.k.a 'Amit land'. Tickets were booked but sadly I did not get a berth to sleep on. But since I was used to staying up all night and sleeping during the day I thought I can exchange berths with the non-nocturnal people. Brilliantly worked out plan, that was.

I am not sure if it was Andhra or Karnataka, mostly because the station names reminded me of Diwali sweets, people decided to demonstrate the power of the Indian population. People entered the train in tens. It was like the labor ward in some hospital. One moment there were snoring uncles and the next it was filled with kids looking at you like you are a Tyrannosaurus rex at the Museum of natural history. 

I mean come on. One, you don't have a ticket. Two, you don't have the right to ask me to adjust. Three, I cannot understand what you are speaking. Four, nothing I just got carried away. So due to the fear of dodging all these people I had to control my bladder and all to save my seat. Also I had to save my seat from my bladder. Too many complications.

One fellow kept smiling at me till he got a seat on the opposite side. Creepy, that was. And then I passed a few stations with names tracing the roots of swear words (Madar, Dadar and all) and then reached Mumbai. Then started the adventure. One shady taxi driver took me to the address i asked for. I couldn't find a room there. So one autodriver hi-jacked me. Then another taxi driver fought with this auto guy and hi-jacked me and made me check in into a shady hotel. I couldn't sleep only. I was scared someone would kill me and take all my luggage (Seriously :|).  Then about 7 hours after I reached Bombay I escaped and reached my institute. That's when I took a breather. That's when I started thinking clearly. And the first thought that came to my mind was "This place can never be Madras."


  1. Sema experience :-D But, why didn't you go to the institute directly from the railway station? Why did u check in to some shady hotel? Were you looking for something else? :P

  2. "This place can never be Madras."

    Well, any place that you move to, whether for a short while or long, can never be the same place you grew up in. We all get accustomed to a new place, accept its flaws and carry on with our lives.