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 Finally the day arrived,something which she was looking forward to for over five months.Excitement,fear,sadness.. she loved that rush of adrenalin.After all its only once in your lifetime that you get married.It was a sunday,as she wanted it to be.She wanted all her kith and kin to be present.Most of them had arrived early the previous evening.She was the first girl in the family after a generation and was loved by even the distant of relatives.She woke up early,real early.She did not sleep much actually.With her own excitement and those of friends and family who spent the night speculating about how wonderful her marriage life was going to be.Also she had her own dreams about her marriage,which had kept her sleepless for most nights in the last few months.

  The last few hours of her 'Daughter phase' flew like time never had.The knot was tied and the 'Daughter-in-law' phase begun.Thus started her journey as a wife and here she was at her mother's place for bearing her first child.The beginning of a new phase 'Mother'.

 Its been a while since she visited her childhood home.She had spent almost her entire childhood there.She still remembered the first few years they spent here.She was not the daughter of a millionaire,yet her father treated her like a princess.They were an ideal family,similar to the ones you see in advertisements and movies.Mom,Dad and a brother.Perfect two years difference with her brother,an elder one.The two year difference made sure she had a friend around her all the time.The place had two bedrooms.A small but a happy place.

 First day of her arrival.She was sitting on her brother's bed,waiting for her mom to bring her lunch.Was looking around,recounting those days as a kid.This was the room where she used to get ready for school.Lovely memories.She remembered the old study table which was as old as her.She started exploring the things on the table.Her brother hadn't changed much.Pens of so many colours,used,unused,decades old found a place on the table.Most of which were hers,she knew.She came across a mess of papers.It had greeting cards,letters(to her surprise) and others which had stuff written she did not understand.Among those was one which seemed crushed,mostly because it was folded and unfolded frequently.It was handwritten like most of the others,with the same tiny alphabets.


 The big day had finally arrived.He wanted it to be the happiest day of her life.She always dreamt big.He wanted her to.He always promised her things at an age he did not even start college.He really wished he could keep all his promises.He thought he did.She did not complain.That made him sure.He woke up early,even before the sun was up.He hadn't really slept.Not only the previous night,but since she crossed the threshold age for marriage.He cannot be blamed.She was all he loved.She was all he lived for.


I always wanted to say a few things to you,my little sister.You don't know how many times I call you this way every single day.You hate it when I call you that way don't you? Those first few days with your new mobile,I used to send 'Goodnight little sister' and get scolded by you in the morning.I don't remember the first day i saw you.I really wish I did.Got to know from Mom and Dad that the kept me waiting outside the hospital with Uncle because they did not want me to see Mom in pain.They did not know you could wipe away all the pain and sadness like you did for these many years and keep doing so.You defined the world to me.I write well,people used to say.But now I can't express what I want to.I always knew this day would come.I cry easily.I break down soon.May be I have cried more than you ever did.Wouldn't be a surprise.Considering that I cry everytime i see you crying,definitely I would've shed more tears than you.But all I wish is that I have wiped more of your tears than stood as a reason for.I still remember one of your birthdays,fourteen or fifteen,I was crying all night because I couldn't buy you anything.I still remember the first time I had to feed you dinner.You had mehendi on your hands.After that now and then I started feeding breakfast when you got ready to school.Those moments,I was the happiest on earth.I did not realise much till I reached class eleven.I lived every moment after that for you.To keep you happy.I cried more than you when your class ten results came.I fight hard with my tears everytime you cry to make you stop crying.Damn,I'm crying now!

The first time you hugged me was when Grandma passed away.Broke my heart.And then the day when you consoled me about college.That's one of the days I noticed how big my little sister had become.Those singing lessons you gave me.Really funny when I think about all that.We grew up together.We were infants together,teens together.Now we are two grown ups yet I feel like a kid all over again.

Wish we get to grow up once again.I'm really sorry for all the times I hurt you.I think i got you enough handbags and jeans you asked for.Will be eternally happy if you continue to ask me for more.

You have been the reason for my happiness for these many years,wish the other family,your new one feels the same after a while with you.

I have never said 'I love you' to you.But I have said that to myself more than a million times everyday.

You are the daughter I never had and you'll continue to remain the same..

I won't be giving this to you today.I don't want to see you cry for one more reason.


She had the crushed piece of paper in her hand.It took a while for her to take all this in.Mom came inside with her plate.She asked why she was crying.She realised she was.Wiped her face.Did not speak anything.Hugged her tightly and cried even more.

He stood on the terrace with the letter in his hand.Crushed it and put it in his pocket.

Mom asked why.She did not answer.All she could do was cry.

He heard her calling him.Wiped his tears,tried hard to smile.the knot would be tied in a few hours.The day had not yet broken,but he was.

                                It was time to say,"goodbye"

PS: I don't think I would be emotionally strong to write such a letter when my Little sister gets married,but if I write one it would certainly be this.She is fifteen now and she is all I got. Love you :)
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  1. Really good write up :) The connection of events is nice..
    A different one from u.. The pic is apt too.
    And Vidya! You're lucky!

  2. tats fkcng awesome.. amazing post.. dude, tel ur sist u love her more often than not.. after all, wats love w/o expressing t.. loved ur post da.. keep posting.. :)

  3. An emotional one but thats the truth...itz the same thing even in my home...:(
    the little fights i have with my brother are the best moments in life....i think am gonna miss my bro for sure once he goes for his higher studies...:(
    nice n realistic post from u..:)

  4. @Harini: thanks :)
    @Guru: happy,really happy that you read :)
    @Christa: Yeah.Absolutely.
    @Arun anna: :(

  5. very nice narration, i liked that letter a lot, and i dont think i can write a letter like that when my sister gets married either!

    ATB for BAT..

  6. @leo: Thanks for dropping by.
    ATB to you too :)

  7. such an emotional post.
    Hope every brother realizes the bond between his sister is so wonderful.
    ATB for BAT13
    Gkam - Goodbye

  8. sure they would at some point or other.. thanks for visiting :)
    ATB to you too..

  9. oh really moved me to tears...:(!!!

  10. The love between siblings, especially when the age difference is not much is truly remarkable. You've brought that our really well. Great narration. ATB for BATOM!

  11. ;) Tears welled my eyes..
    Good one yaar..Emotional yaar...
    @Vidhu: Lucky you to have such a good lovable bro.. Feeling a bit jealous...

  12. @ap: :0
    @Dreamer: Thanks for dropping by.. :) good luck :)
    @rag: Am there :)

  13. Very touchy.Amazing letter.All the emotions have been expressed very well.All the best!

  14. nenja nakkita po. I was really impressed with the letter part of the write up. Epdi da yosicha.

  15. a very warm and beautiful post of bro-sis bonding and love :)
    wonderfully written

  16. U made me feel even more than usual tht i (we bros infact) dont have a sister!! =) I am jus turing emotional! =)
    proved ur much worth frnd of mine da! OMG! u deserve better applaud, wish I help tht way some day soon!
    Always urs!!!

  17. You write so well..Wish i had a sister..keep updating your blog..its always a pleasure and even a privilege going through it..

  18. @Jaspreet: thanks so much :)All the best for BAT :)
    @Venky: First letter to my sis :) Nalla came out.. happy that i was able to nakkify ur nenju :D All the best for BAT :)
    @Rajlakshmi: Thanks for visiting :)All the best for BAT :)
    @Noorul: :)
    @Ambarish: Thanks so much :) Keep visiting :)

  19. ;(;( man ;( moved me dude;( in tears VIDHYA annaku dhrishti sutthi podu;) man long live this BOND OF LOVE;) NINNUTA DA;)no more words to say;(

  20. You are a totally amazing writer, dude.... That's Awesome....

    Fact to Fiction to the to-be fact...


    Truly Fantastic....

  21. You made me miss my brother! Wonderful post

  22. good one, my best wishes, do keep writing more

  23. @Phoenixritu: Means so much to me.. Thanks a ton for visiting :)

    @Harsha Chittar: Thanks a lot.. :)

  24. Thats an emotional post, but mentioning your love for your sister made it much more emotional :D

  25. Well vignesh, one aftr anothr, I am reading some really emotional entries for this BAT.. Urs stands out as it talks of love tht v sumtimes overlook.. definitely bro/sis relation is one which is one of the purest of all. Wishing u nd ur sister greatest happiness in life :)

  26. @vee: thanks so much for visitng.. and yeah this post is so close to me :)

    @Vipul: Marshal :) A privilege that you read this post.. your comment means so much to me :) Thanks a million for visiting and blog-a-ton made me write this post.. I'm forever grateful :)

  27. already comment-a sollitaen. irundhalum innoru vaati podraen :D nice to see another kind of love. orae bf/gf, husband/wife, innoruthiyodu poyitaan/sethu poyitaan postsku naduvae your post is shining brightly.

    Woohoo for sisters! And brothers too :P

    All the best!

  28. incredibly touching. expressing oneself is very important. I love you's should never be reserved they are meant for all who we care for.

  29. @Sidra: Abslolutely :) :) Thanks so much for dropping by..

  30. got me all watery eyed!!! A sister is the best gift a brother can ever have :)

    its so often happens that we vent our anguish on our loved ones....but so rarely do we express our love for them!

    Is showing affection a sign of weakness???

    All the best for BAT!!!

  31. Thanks so much mayur.. means a lot to me :0 Goodluck to you too.. :)

  32. N.Aravind SubramanianFebruary 15, 2011 at 10:57 PM


  33. I know this is a very very late comment, but, really great blog dude, your sister will be the luckiest in this world. :-)

  34. EXCELLENT vignesh !!! Some parts even resemble my thoughts da !!! I too hav a sis with two years difference !!!

  35. That was brillaint!! I've always wanted an elder brother but never so much as i do now!! Vidya is sooo lucky :) :)

  36. I'm enjoying my life,being an elder bro to my sister..hats off to this blog