Sunday, November 15, 2009

Memoirs of madras...

Madras ..Chennai.. whateve you call it.. This is the place to be .. this is the place to have fun and concerning myself this is home to me!!.. Be it the marina or the citi centre .. wat doesn't chennai have? Posh families to pani puris.. chennai jus rocks.. being born and brought up in Chennai am out and out a typical Madrasi.

I started exploring major parts of Chennai only during my class 12 holidays and.. man that was fun!! 8-10 of us roaming aimlessly in Chennai.. golden days..these days are something I'll cherish for a lifetime..Those beach trips are the most memorable.

The snaps we took..
Those "molaga bajjis" at the marina..
Plans of beach cricket..
Velachery train..
Nanganallur temple..
Window shopping at citi centre..
Vetri and velan theatres..
Early morning cricket..
Late night chats..
Cards at bammu's place..
Cricket at Ragul's place..
Hareesh's sis's marriage..
Shopping at landmark( only we know wat we did)..
'Sight'-seeing at the sea-shore..
Yahoo conferences..
Bet match..
Losing to that bacha team..
Playing with those annas' team..
Occasional Football..
Result tension..
Meetings with simply no reason..
Dreams and promises of staying in touch forever..
Re-thinking and re- living school days..

Innumerable discussions about..
Sai's sanskrit papers..
KP's scoldings..
Lunch time galattas..
Computer periods..

Those are the days which I'd say that I really 'LIVED' my life.. I'm left with tears when I'm forced to think that those days would never come back.. even today we keep meeting each other.. still everyone's got their own part to play.. their own piece of pie to bite.. As we all planned and promised I hope we all would remain closer than ever until forever dies...

Vignesh.. :)
(I hope)