Sunday, November 22, 2009

Live.. and let me live ;)

I'm this guy who dreams big .. rather huge.. about my life..I give a lot of space to think about myself above anything or anyone in this world..There's so much to do.. so much to learn in this short stint called "LIFE".I'm yet another 17 year old who's anxious rather skeptical about what i'm going to be.Today i want to be this and the next day i wanna be that.. I have thought about every possible role that i could take upon.. from an archaeologist to a cryptographer.. a teacher to a photographer.. Each role fits me better than the previous one.Ofcourse i can't be everything all at the same time.. what am i meant to be? Am i in some sort of quest with my life.. Till i was in school i thought college would be a place where i'd start finding out new things in me.. exploring myself or seeing changes in myself.. Till today college has been anything but these..What am i upto.. i'm so impatient,curious,excited and what not about what i'm going to be tomorrow.. Dreams are so promising and reality sucks as always so I just can't count on those.. Still it fascinates me everytime I look back at how my life has changed.. The fact is that it hasn't changed much.. Am still the same old chirpy smile-at-anything-and-anyone guy..The things people said like life would take hairpin bends after school seems untrue though not entirely.. i have been meeting people of all kinds.. peolpe who influence and inspire you in a way you wouldn't have dreamed about.. It fascinates me to know that there are people of every kind.. those which wouldn't even exist in strange fictional novels.. Yet everyone is happy in their own way.. sad in their own way.. everyone's just like me.. having their own take on others.. Strange yet true.. so true.. And i'm one among the trillion population having my own take on my fellow beings and myself(those which will sound extremely hilarious)and its great to live life on my own terms to be inspired and not influenced by anyone except myself.. and at the same time waiting for 'that' perfect role..


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