Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poetry that wasn't..

/* This could be one of the most boring posts you ever laid your eyes upon*/

Inspired by the movie October sky..
I rhyme this as tears flow by..

I have been me..
Since i was born..
Always trusting..
On the faint forlorn..
Many a tear may fall..
With no hands but mine to wipe..
But with a ray of hope..
That someday i'll stand tall..
You bet you know me well..
I assure you that is not all..
There's always The inside me..
That none but i know it all..
Made ways not to me but the rest..
With no ounce short of that big thirst..
To learn and to fulfil many..
Always in search of my destiny..
I'm not what i wanted to be..
None really is for that matter..
Someday i wish i could be..
To endure all that laughter..
I laugh at my inside jokes..
Smiling at the way people make fun of me..
I'm not yet what i'm meant to be..
Long way before" that's all folks"..
There may be many a mighty fall..
That would never stop it all..
The crawl towards success..
Always means progress nonetheless..
The day would dawn when you'll be proud..
When i'd stand apart all the crowd..
I dunno why i spell this rhyme..
Speaking all about bad time..
The day yet has not arrived..
To decide upon that golden wish..
Putting forth a forward stride..
Towards the things to accomplish..
This rhyme remains unfinished..
So does my destiny..
Waiting for itself to be furnished..

I still haven't figured out why I resorted to write this.. Its fun to just pour out words.. Sounds silly.. but try it out when you're depressed or deeply moved.. It works out so well.. Sorry about this post anyway..


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