Sunday, October 31, 2010

The usual suspects

Clearly, longer your post the more uninviting it is to the eye of your reader. But its seldom that i'm able to make myself write something huge and at the same time worthy of a second read to myself.

This is what I feel after receiving feedback like "Too lengthy", "Started reading, but slept half way through", "Will read the second half in my re-birth" and "Did you even type the whole thing?"

So, before I fill my current post with my opinions on my previous post here we go.

Had a blue week, eight of the seven days were bad.Fights and failed.. no epic failed tests.Days were as boring as they could get.This is life's irony.Good things don't happen when you don't want them to.( Sigh, I can't restrict myself from using the word Life in my posts and sure as hell the post gets labelled philosophical) 

From the polambals in the first few lines to the pombalais that I come across everyday, there are reasons you,me and he state for anything that happens in your,mine and his life.And the blame game, love it dontcha?

These are the usual suspects:


"Thy hath been destined to suffer".

This is one reason which is as lame as anything can get. 


Sheldon doesn't believe in luck.Enough said.


Ha! Name to be used in the beginning,end and in the middle of all crisis.


No.That wouldn't be fair on my part.


  1. Very bad week for me too. The worst week of this year!

  2. Fate, Luck, God, Yourself! Sums up almost everything ;)